Thursday, August 7, 2008

Petersen Campout

After James family left that next weekend the 10-12 of July is the annual Petersen Family camp out. We always go to the Unitas. We were unable to go for the whole time but we did get there Friday night. We didn't sleep a wink because we brought Diego and my parents had Tia who happened to be in heat so Diego just wanted to do nasty things to her. So we literally were up all night long!! It was terrible and I was not a "Happy Camper" That next morning we downed Mt. Dew to keep us awake and helped pack up. Then we went with my family to Mirror Lake and hiked a little trail around it. It was a beautiful and easy hike. At the end of the trail there were little streams that fed into the lake. James has always claimed that the little streams had the biggest fish and that he could catch them with his bare hands. Being the sweet wife that I am I would listen to his stories and figured he exaggerated the stories A LOT! Turns out I was way off. He was telling the truth! I don't have the pictures because I left my camera in the car, but Nicole took some and a few videos. I'll have to get them from her. It was amazing he caught big fish and with his bare hands. It was so easy that Larissa being the brave women she is tried to catch some also. She got very close. I would never do that! It was a really fun trip.

On the way home Larissa insisted on riding in the back with Diego. Again very brave. I turned around and say her sleeping on him and him sleeping it was cute and pretty funny.
We also stopped by my Grandma and Grandpa Larsens house and looked at their new pond and fountain. Which is amazing! They also got a patio swing and the girls were still pretty tired from the trip if you can't tell.

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Tippetts Family said...

Dirty Dog! :) So funny, though I am sure it wasn't so funny in the middle of the night!