Monday, September 20, 2010

What we've been up to...

We are alive!! Sorry it has taken me so long to post what has been happening in our lives. We are now in Colorado living with my Parents so James can finish school and get his accounting degree. James is currently working at a Chevy Dealership and I should be starting my job as a school age teacher at a Kinder Care.
Here are some pictures of what we have been up to the last few months.
We celebrated my Dads birthday early since he is in the Marshal Islands.
Happy Birthday Dad!!
Porter we unhappy until....
He was given more cake!!
Dad making his Birthday wish,
James and Ryan we're in charge of cooking his Birthday Dinner. They made dutch oven pork and grilled ribs with grilled pineapple.
Porter has been getting into everything! He loves anything paper that he can rip up. He has been standing by himself and laughs at his accomplishments. The other day he grabbed his toy hammer and chased my parents 2 small dogs around trying to bop them on the head with the hammer.
Porter found a microphone to a karaoke machine and had a ball talking into it.
We had the opportunity to go to back to back Rockies games. We took Porter to the second one, and he loved the clapping, music and the POPCORN!!
A few days after we arrived in Denver we headed to Sanford. We had a booth at a neighboring towns Glory Days. Larissa came with us and had a fun time playing with our nephews.
Porter loved all the music and food at the celebrations. We had a fun trip, but we had to leave Diego for James parents to take care of while we live with my parents. It was sad to leave him and I know Porter misses crawling all over him.
Here is our moving trailer all ready for us to unload in Denver.
This was moving all our stuff into the trailer. We really appreciate all the friend and family that offered to help us. We couldn't have done it without you all. We had quite the caravan to Denver. We had our 3 cars, my moms van, and my brother in laws truck and trailer that James parents drove out.
My mom and sisters helping pack up the kitchen.
The weekend we moved we also had Diego fixed, he was like a bull in a china cabinet, with all our moving boxes and people.
I have so much more to update, and I will get more pictures on here over the next couple days. Thank you and we love you all.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Look Who's Talking

I was Shocked to say the least when Wednesday Porter started saying Dadada!! I could believe it, he is getting so big. James was able to hear it when he got home that night.
He still can't crawl but he can talk :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fathers Day and Family Fun

We enjoyed a really fun Fathers Day. Here is James reading Porters Fathers Day card. It was ridiculous trying to get James out of bed for his Fathers Day breakfast, I know I know I probably should have served him in bed, maybe next year. We had yummy breakfast of french toast and eggs!
A fun Transformers t-shirt for Fathers Day
Porter and Dad in their Father's Day Shirts.
Porters' says "my daddy can fix anything"
Alan made horseshoe golf, or redneck golf (whatever you want to call it) and we went and played it, it is a ton of fun. I was pretty awful but it was still fun.
Alan was by far the best, although James might challenge that statement.
Porter cheered us on while playing on the sidelines.
We went up the canyon later that night and had tinfoil dinners and roasted marshmallows, it was a lot of fun. I love this picture of my two boys!
Uncle Alan feeding the garbage can that Porter has become, he will eat and eat and eat.
Smore, smores please!! It was a long but fun Fathers Day.
Alan spent his Birthday with us, and got the full treatment, candles and singing and picking your birthday dinner. He chose tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yummy
Alan's Birthday cake
Porter has learned to clap and loves to clap. He spends his day clapping and trying to see who he can get to clap with him.
Porter has been a big support to me through out the World Cup!! He is a huge fan and loves to clap during the games. We were both very upset that the USA team lost.
Ryan and his friend Troy visited for the weekend, obviously we wern't boring at all, they were just very tired.
Uncle Ryan and Porter after a trip to the Dog Park
Don't mess with Casi, that girl can shoot!
Shooting Mayhem
Checking out the destruction
Sunday we headed down to Brigham City and enjoyed baby Amelia's Baby blessing. Josh and Elise were so cute with their new baby.
Porter and his second cousin Ambree, they had fun making baby noises at each other.
Sweet Baby Amelia in her Beautiful Blessing Dress
A Proud Grandma and Great Grandma, what a lucky baby, she has been born into a Wonderful Family!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rolling, Studying, and Escaping

Sorry its been a while, I have been pretty unsocial for the last 2 weeks, while I have been studying for my Social Work Licensing exam. Porter has been a good boy and has gotten another tooth the past couple weeks. He now has 2 bottom teeth. Well, Porter is a bit of a late bloomer and has finally started rolling all around. Because of this he keeps getting stuck under and in things.
In all his rolling he keeps getting stuck under our couches.
Our Little escape artist in the making.

Porter and Mom
While in Denver Larissa and I went to a garage sale and found this cute drum, that sings and lights you. Porter loves rhythm and bouncing to the music. He is getting really good and beating the drum. He also started clapping the other day, its so cute he's so happy. I'll try and get a picture, he oped one hand completely and the other he leaves his fingers bent in half. Silly boy :)

We went to Provo this weekend and stayed with Marc and Nicole in their new place. It was very cute and a lot of fun. Nicole had a yummy cake made for us. Unfortunately we had to leave early this morning for Sandy so I could take my Social Work Licensing Exam. I was freaking out nervous (and that's an understatement). After a 3 hour long stressful exam I finished and PASSED!!!! So now I'm a licensed Social Worker, Watch Out :)
After my test today we ran to our friends Sam and Chelsie's and enjoyed their little girl Shaylie's 1st Birthday Party. It was a lot of fun to see them and celebrate.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Trip to Colorado

We just got back from a fun vacation to Colorado for Nicole and Marc's Wedding. Porter and I flew out a week before the wedding and than James joined us early Thursday morning. This is us at the airport saying goodbye. James and I have never been apart since we were married almost 5 years ago, so this was pretty hard on us. It was especially hard on James to let me take Porter. It didn't help that our flight was about 2 hours late. Porter did great on the flight and didn't seem to mind the pressure changes.
Trying to kill time waiting for our plane by taking pictures.
YEA Our Plane is finally here!!
Kirsten loved playing with Porter and was a great babysitter for me!
One morning Nicole had a practice hair and makeup run with Delia. We took advantage of that and went out and took some bridal shots. It was me my mom and Larissa and Nicole. We had 4 digital cameras there and ended up with 400 beautiful pictures!
Here's Nicole all squished in the car.
We did everything we had to get the perfect picture. Yes that is Larissa on my moms shoulders taking a picture above Nicole. The one they ended up taking was absolutely beautiful!

Nicole feeding Porter, he loved sitting at the table like a big boy.

You would never be able to tell, but while I was in Colorado Porter got really really sick! We had to take him to the urgent care center and they gave him an antibiotic, steroids, and breathing treatments. The doctor told us that if he got any worse we needed to take him to the ER without hesitation. Luckily he improved everyday.
Cool Dude
One night, me and my friends in Colorado got together. It had been a long time since we had been together.
Thursday Evening we fixed a small dinner for Nicole and Marc's families, before we all headed off to the temple for Nicole's Endowment. It was very fun getting to know everyone.
Nicole and Marc on their way to the temple to get Nicole's Endowment.
I didn't get many pictures of the actual wedding because I was running around like a crazy person, so here are the few I have.
Porter with my Bouquet.
Cutting the Cake AWE!!!
First Dance
(some how every picture I have they are kissing hummm)
Their get away car, was decorated so cute by his family.
Larissa and Jackie it was so good to see Nanc and Jackie!!
James and Porter. James and I had been so busy running around and trying to fix problems that porter was just passed around all night. He was an amazing baby.
Nicole and Marc Leaving the Reception
Bubbles Everywhere!!
At the end of the night we had to clean up the reception, and man what a mess. Porter had enough and after stripping him down he fell asleep on the way home. What a day phew!
The next day we all were running on no sleep and Marc and Nicole came back to open their wedding gifts. My favorite was this red bag with none other than Ryan in it.
This is a baby bird in my parents tree. They were very cute.
Oh yea, through out all the chaos of a wedding, Porter bit down on my finger the next morning and I felt something sharp. Teeth!!!
Apparently he was cutting teeth on Nicole wedding day. Humm he was such a happy baby, I never would have guessed
He loves to hear his teeth with a spoon.
Sunday we were bummed because we never got to go swimming, so we set up the baby pool for Porter. He also had a sore bum so we thought it might help him.
My dad dumped Kirsten in the pool, because she kept splashing him. So she got to swim with Porter.
That is one white naked boy. :)
Monday we headed back to Utah, but we stopped in Laramie Wy to see James brother Alan.
Oh it was good to be home, but we had a great time!!