Monday, December 28, 2009

2 Months Old (and much much more)

Porter had his 2 month appointment today. He was such a trooper through those shots, and really has been good all day. He weight's 12 lbs. 15 oz and is 24 3/4inches long. The Dr. laughed and called him "a little 6 month old". Its crazy to think about how much he has grown and to realize with such a difficult start at life Porter is doing amazingly well. These are some pictures of today to show you how much he has grown.

We had a Wonderful Christmas and Christmas Eve!! Porter and I made stained glass sugar cookies Christmas eve. They are sugar cookies with a hole cut out that you put candy cane pieces and they melt to make a stain glass window. They were fun!
We spent Christmas Eve with our friends Sam and Chelsie and their 2 girls, and James brother Jason and his girlfriend Casi. We ate a delicious dinner and put on our christmas pj's and watched the movie a child is born. We checked where Santa was all night long on the Santa tracker by NORAD.
Christmas Morning was fun with my little family! Porter wasn't to happy when i put his Santa hat on.
Here's the Christmas Tree with all the goodies Santa brought.
James and I made our stocking together our first Christmas so I made Porters Stocking for his first Christmas. I thought it turned out so cute.
After mom and dad opened his presents Porter was a bit tired and became our Christmas Present. Which is the best present EVER!
I have been meaning to post pictures of Diegos Puppies for quite sometime now. There were 6 and we lost 3 in the first few days. So there are only 3 left, but they all all very healthy girls. They are so cute, and are starting to play with each other and bite their ears. They are 3/4boxer and 1/4 chocolate lab. If you know anyone who would like a puppy let me know. They will be ready to go to their homes the middle to end of January.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

We had a little photo shoot and put Porter in some of James outfits from when he was a baby. James said they were the outfits that he wore to his dads basketball games. So now Porter gets to wear them to cheer on his daddy. That first picture makes me laugh because he looks like superman off to save the day!!
Such a happy face!
I had to get the Holman written on the back of the shirt, and his cute little legs.
This is the second outfit. It looks like he was talking to me during this picture.
Another cute leg shot :)
This video is cute, Porter's tired and you can see his sad lip he puts out to break moms heart.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree?!?!?!

This is our Beautiful Christmas Tree this year!! But how it came to be and how we made it our own is a story worth telling.... James and I had wanted to cut down our own tree, and found out you can't do that in the Cache Valley so we needed to go to Idaho. Well we woke up on a Saturday and we had a snow storm , and then our pipes were frozen the next time James had the day off so we hung around the house until our landlords we able to thaw them out and have water. So we didn't go that day either. I was getting frustrated and realized we can't go cut down a tree in the snowy mountains with a 6 week old baby. What were we thinking?! So we decided to buy one at the grocery store. I met James there on his way home from work and we went to pick our tree. Well we had been so cold that the trees were all frozen with their branches together, so you had no idea if you were picking a good tree. Heres our tree. There is no neting on it its just frozen in that shape!
So we bring it home and our tree stand is broken. So poor James had to run back out to get a new stand which he had to go to 3 stores because everyone was out of stands. When he was putting the new one on, our "lovely" dog Diego walks over and hikes his leg and marks his territory!!! AHHH After all that we still can't decorate the tree until it thaws out.
Our tree finally thaws out the following day and James puts lights on it. Than we have a battle over tinsel or no tinsel. I vote NO! So James has the idea to compromise and get beads. Well that means we have to go buy some, so the tree is still not decorated. I go the next day and get blue beads and we don't like them so we go back and get red ones and finally come home and decorate our tree. whew!! I know long story but I had to post it, its the story of our lives and its just plain funny! Merry Christmas

Friday, December 11, 2009

All Smiles

I finally succeeded with getting a couple pictures of Porter smiling. I hope you enjoy! He's a bit cheesy, but what can I say he has cheesy parents.
Here's a video of smiles and coos. The end is the best part so if you have a little bit, it will make your day.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I can't believe Porter is 6 weeks today! Time is already flying by and I can't seem to find a way to slow it down. He is so much fun and so much work. He sometimes lets us sleep for 5 or 6 hours and then the next night wakes us up every 2. He is starting to grab things, but that's pretty much only when he is mad. He has a tight grip, that my hair can testify of. He is smiling a lot more and their not just the newborn smiles. He is a bit ticklish, and is staring to coo a lot more. He is growing like a weed, and doesn't fit into his newborn outfits any more. We love him dearly. I thought this picture was funny. Porter and the monkey have the same big eyes looking at me.
Heres a little video, everytime he starts to smile and coo I got the camera out and as soon as I did he would stop and start to whine. I tried to catch those smiles, but I'll keep trying.

Sleeping little angel.
I was trying to get a picture of his mohawk after his bath. It didn't work very well.
We went to the Utah State vs. BYU Basketball game. It was a lot of fun. The stadium was so loud I held Porter the entire time with his ears plugged. He eventually got use to the buzzer and bursts of screaming applause. He wore his Aggie outfit that Great Aunt Carol gave him. Thanks Aunt Carol!!

Oh and the Aggies Won!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving pictures

My cousin Seri took these fun pictures of my family over the Thanksgiving weekend. They were a lot of fun to take and I think we all look great. Porter wasn't to sure about it as you can see in the pictures but he survived. :) This is my favorite of the whole family!
Here James and I and Porter. Porter isn't looking but at least he's not crying.
All of us kids
Mom and Dad or now Grandma and Grandpa. So cute!
What can he say, Porter just didn't want to be kissed. poor kid kisses everywhere.
Thanks Seri!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 Thanksgivings & 2 Christmas

This picture makes me so happy, and makes me want Christmas all the time. We had a really fun Thanksgiving weekend. My family all came up to Logan. We were all together for the first time in 2 years, since my brother left on his mission. It was so good to see Ryan and to hear him speak German. We also had Jason and Casi over for Thanksgiving. Thursday we decided to have a different Thanksgiving dinner because we know we had 2 more that weekend, so we had pulled pork sandwiches. They were delicious!! We had a fun relaxing day, and Porter was able to be loved and snuggled all weekend long, by his Grandma and Grandpa and Aunts and Uncle. I have to say he is definitely spoiled now, and thinks he needs to be held all the time still.
Auntie Roo sleeping with Porter, Aww so cute
Aunt Kirsten, loved holding Porter so much. She was often the one that we had to pull him from to allow others a turn holding him.
Porter with Kirstens bunnies, we thought it was to cute.
Friday afternoon we went to the cabin for the Larsens Thanksgiving. This is the last one we will have, our family is just getting to big. We had about 86 people there, and not everyone was able to make it. We had so much fun seeing all of our family. This is Nicole's roommate Eunjin who spent the weekend with us. She was so fun to get to know and was a trooper putting up with all our family.

To cute sisters, it was so fun to be with everyone!!
Great Grandma Larsen with Porter.
James and I were chosen, because of having the youngest baby boy to be Joseph and Mary in the Nativity we had after dinner.
This is everyone in the Nativity, all the little kids were so cute wanting to be animals. One wanted to be a puppy and another wanted to be a frog. It was a good opening into Christmas.
Santa arrived after the Nativity, and he was FANTASTIC!! We loved him so much. He had the best entrance ever, and we will always remember this Christmas, because of him.

This is all the Great Grandkids that were there, they all exchanged a little gift.
This is Porter in his Reindeer hat (cute Aunt Jan gave it to us, Thanks :) with his gift from the exchange. He didn't seem to be to into it. :)
Proud Daddy with a tired little Reindeer
Great Aunt Carol with Porter, she was so cute with him.
Saturday we had a baby shower and a bridal shower for two of my cousins, and then headed to the Petersen's Thanksgiving. Heres Great Grandma Petersen with Porter.
My Great Uncle Willie loved Porter so much, he loves those little babies.
This is Julie my cousin, with Porter. He looks so comfy.
Porters gift from the cousin exchange with the Petersen's.
This was James gift, All the guys freaked out over it and had a fun time shooting everyone. We had a fun time and enjoyed playing 7 on the line with everyone!
Heres Uncle Ryan thinking he's hot. jk He was a cute Uncle to Porter.
Doggie pile on Porter!! I took a cute picture of this but it didn't turn out and then when James did it again it made Porter mad, but I promise he was happy the first time.
Heres a fun video of Porter just hanging out. Love you all and we had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with all our family!!