Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ok well, I have been meaning to post about Sid and I keep forgetting. Sid is our Turtle that we got in July. We think he is a Desert Box Turtle. He was Tori's (my sister in-law) But she didn't want him anymore. So we brought him to Utah from Colorado he rode on the floor of the car by my feet in a shoe box. I'm sure he was way confused. Anyway he's a fun little guy. I don't know a whole lot about Turtles so we've done our best, I hope its been ok. We named him Sid to keep up with our Ice Age naming tradition. So we now have Sid and Diego, all we need in Manny :) If anyone has Turtle Tips please let me know.

Ok I had another Blog-a-thon So keep reading ...........

Doggie Play Date

We took Diego over to our friends Beaver and Jeanine's house last Sunday. We had a delicious dinner and just hung out. Beaver and Jeanine are friends we've had since our single days. Jeanine was my roommate and Beaver lived next door. He also worked with James and introduced us! Anyway they have Bella their Rottweiler, and her and Diego had a blast playing. They ran and ran until they were both so exhausted that they couldn't play anymore. It was a fun day and it was great to see Beaver and Jeanine.

Ward Party

We had a ward party last Saturday, ya I know I'm late posting it but oh well life happens. They had a luau and decided to roast a pig! They could roast it at the church house so they roasted it in someones backyard and the as you can see brought it over to the church. It was crazy!! I can say I have never seen that before! The meat was alright, James loved it!

The guy it the cowboy hat is our old bishop. He had a great time.

They also had a birthday celebration for Brother Hunsaker who use to be the Temple President. He turned 100!!! The young women came out with 100 long stem red roses. The floral arrangement was beautiful!!
Heres a video if you weren't grossed out enough already the guy driving is our Bishop and the guy in the basketball shorts is in the bishopric. They were so funny about the whole thing.


Most of you know James is a Huge Denver Bronco Fan. So this time of year is filled with football, and fantasy football, and football parties etc... We had a party a couple weeks ago and we saw the Walmart commercial where the mom come out with a Cheese-It half time show, and we all laughed and I apologized for not having made a halftime show for everyone. The next thing I know James comes out of the kitchen with a mini version. I though it was so funny so you all get to enjoy it whither you think its funny or not. :) By the way go Broncos they are 3-1!!!

This picture is kind of old but we enjoy getting decked out. Yes we're one of those people. Check out the socks!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We went to the first home game for the Utah State Aggies. Unfortunatly they were playing the University of Utah who are ranked in the top 25 in the Nation. The Aggies were ranked as one of the worst teams in the Nation. So you can imagine how the game went! We actually scored first and had the lead. I had to take a picture just to prove that at one point we were ahead. Heres the Ute Fans.
James with Allie on his shoulders, she loved cheering!

Heres Sam and Chelsie and Allie, they came to the game with us.
Beaver was also there and he felt left out of the pictures so Sam posed as his wife so he would feel alone. Jeanine had to work :(
We had a great time but as you can tell from the final score it was a thumping.

Oh Well GO AGGIES!!! (heres and update we played Idaho Yesterday and won 41-17!!! What does that tell you about the Idaho team Yikes!)

PS I've had a blog catch up day so there more fun to come, Keep reading........

Truck Derby

They decided to do a truck derby this summer. They haven't ever done one before and it was a lot of fun. People had trucks and suburbans and vans. It was crazy because they tipped fairly easy and one caught on fire. It was entertaining and a good end for the summer derby's.
This truck was so cute they painted it like MATER from Disney's CARS. Its a bad picture but it hard to get good pictures when they move so fast.
This was the final with those three cars as first second and third place! It was quite the ending.

Teton Garage

This all started when my Aunts and Uncles gave my Grandpa a pond for fathers day. First they put in the pond and then the patio and the rocks with the flower garden. They my grandparents bought patio furniture. It was very pretty but we all seemed to feel that something was missing. They tossed around the idea of a mural on the side of the garage and joked about some funny ideas. Then they decided to go for it. So here are pictures of the mural painting on the day that I went down to help. My Aunt Deanne was the master mind and we were all little painter s just following her directions. It all started September 2nd and went through the 5th. They started with blue sky and brown earth, and it gradually evolved into the Tetons.
Grandma liked to watch and give great ideas by being our eyes. It was crazy because close up the wall looked weird but when you backed up it looked really good. With out her help I think a lot of us would have gone crazy trying to see the big picture. Dave also stopped by and helped me with a few spots I was to afraid to attempt.

Heres Aunt Jan and aunt Deanne working on Cattails by the water fall.
My grandpa is quite the artist. I don't think I ever realized how artistic he was until this project. He did the bushes along the front.

This was the finished project when I went home for the day. Its missing animals as you can tell.
My cute Grandparents enjoying their swing and the fun atmosphere.

This is the final project with the animals. They are hard to see from so far back but there is a squirrel, a raccoon, a deer, birds, fish, a rabbit, mouse, a beaver, Grandmas ladybugs, and other little creatures. If you can make the picture bigger it would be fun to see what you can find. There are even little baby birds!!

It was such a fun project and I think everyone had a great time. You all have to check it out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Tag! Thanks Katie :P

The Rules:
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1. I love the smell of fresh cut grass! Maybe it's because it reminds me of playing soccer on those fresh cut fields, I don't know but I love it.

2. I can't stand going to the bathroom! I think it such a waste of time and is so inconvenient. Don't worry I'm a big girl, I just don't like it.

3. I love to watch sports! I could watch anything but golf. I love to watch the college football, and basketball games. I never know anything about the teams I just love to watch them.

4. I have to separate my candy by colors so I end up with one of each color. Like with m&m's if I have more red I have to eat them down so I have an even number of each color. A little OCD I know.

5. I love the changing seasons, mainly so I can redecorate our house with each holiday. I think I just generally enjoy change.

6. I have really enjoyed reading books the past couple years. I never was a big reader but I have like 6 books right now that I'm wanting to read.

I tag...Chelsie, Cali, Jenny, Seri, Julie, and Elise

Friday, September 5, 2008


Well, we have had a yucky past couple of days!!! Tyson and Melissa our Landlords caught a mouse last week and so we went on mouse alert! Wednesday I was cleaning and opened the cabinet under sink, I was going to grab a trash bag and sitting on top of the box was.............................................................. You guessed it a Mouse!! I screamed and jumped on the kitchen table and then ran upstairs to get some traps from Melissa. We set traps throughout the whole house. That stinking mouse kept taking the chocolate chips without getting caught. He was getting so brave I probably could have fed him right out of my hand towards the end. We saw each other about 15 times. Our Kitchen wall boarders our bathroom wall, so even while going to the bathroom that stinking mouse poked his head out of a little hole to say hi. I didn't think that was very nice at all! We finally got some ultra sensitive traps and he was caught in 5 minutes. Total we have caught 4 mice and Tyson and Melissa have caught 5. We had a bet going and whoever caught the most mice didn't have to bring treats next time we play games. I have to say I am just fine not winning this bet!!!! We have been mice free for 2 days now! Yea!!! So we think we got them all thank heaven. I hope none of that was to disturbing for any of you. It was not a fun thing but I am proud that I survived. :) Although the mice weren't trying to take over the world they sure seemed like they were going to take over the house.