Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ward Party

We had a ward party last Saturday, ya I know I'm late posting it but oh well life happens. They had a luau and decided to roast a pig! They could roast it at the church house so they roasted it in someones backyard and the as you can see brought it over to the church. It was crazy!! I can say I have never seen that before! The meat was alright, James loved it!

The guy it the cowboy hat is our old bishop. He had a great time.

They also had a birthday celebration for Brother Hunsaker who use to be the Temple President. He turned 100!!! The young women came out with 100 long stem red roses. The floral arrangement was beautiful!!
Heres a video if you weren't grossed out enough already the guy driving is our Bishop and the guy in the basketball shorts is in the bishopric. They were so funny about the whole thing.

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Jenny Erazo said...

Shayle- how fun that you got pictures of the ward party! Impressive that you had your camera with you. I am still working on that and have missed MANY blog worthy moments.