Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Last Trip as 2

We just got back from a trip to Colorado to see my family. I really wanted to go out one more time before we have our baby. So it was our last trip being just the 2 of us. My mom was very sweet and threw a baby shower for us! Friday we got all ready, even the dogs. They all got baths and then had bows put in their hair the said "It's a boy". They were very cute. Here's Sadie with her bow.
That afternoon we ran to some last minute store, and stopped to eat lunch at a really fun hamburger place called 5 guys and fries. It was really good! After mom mom, James and I and Larissa and Kirsten all hoped in the van to hit one more store. As we were backing up we we stopped suddenly and heard a huge popping. We all freaked out and realized we had just been hit! Another lady was backing out and my mom and her backed right into each other. The popping noise was the back window of the van shattering.
These are pictures of the van at the house later. The tow truck came and took it to the body shop. The insurance said that we couldn't drive it down there without a window, so it got towed. It was pretty smashed! No one was hurt and my mom should have the van back by Friday.
After all the excitement, we still had a baby shower that night. James family all came up from Sanford. James and the guys and the boys all went swimming at their hotel, during the shower. We had a great turn out at the shower. It was so much fun to see everyone that I haven't seen in a while. We played a lot of fun games, the best one was a diaper game with melted chocolate bars as fake baby poo. :)
These are everyone sniffing the diapers, they all looked so funny.
This is Nicole's friend she was into the game she even ate some of the fake poo.
Here;s Nicole holding my niece Denver eating ice cream. Denver was so cute her legs kicked and kicked waiting for her next bite.
This is another picture of Denver, she was army crawling around and then would stop and look at us a pose. She was so cute looking like a model, pointed toes and all. Saturday everyone went to Eliches except for my mom and I and Jim and Linda. We kept Denver and played with her all day.
Late that night they all got home and James family had to leave. They had a 4 hour dive home that night. We were so happy they came and that we were able to see them and see Denver and the boys. James had fun being the fun uncle throwing Denver in the air and making her giggle, and swimming with the boys.
My sisters also had a very fun time making her giggle.
She's quite the diva, she loved Larissa's necklaces.
Sunday we went to the War Memorial Rose Garden. The roses were beautiful!! This is one of the parks that Nicole has worked at this summer.
I was very proud of this picture! :) Of course I have to give the credit to the rose, they were just so beautiful.
I decided to take picture of everyone at the rose garden, so there are a lot of pictures, and believe me I didn't post them all. This one is of Nicole and her boyfriend Marc. He flew in from Arizona to hang out with our family, well really to hang out with Nicole :P Awwww So Cute!!
Heres Jame and I in front of a sundial they had. If you look you can get a pretty good belly shot! :)
Heres Nicole and Marc again.
Kirsten and my mom in front of the fountain they had. So pretty and relaxing.
Next to the rose garden they have a community garden. Larissa's young women have a portion of the garden that they grew pumpkins. So this is Larissa with her pumpkin.
More posing by pretty flowers.

2 crazy monkeys sitting in a tree!
Monday we got the girls ready for school, and Tuesday morning they had their first day. Kirsten is starting 5th grade and Larissa is a Junior! They were both excited. We had so much fun visiting. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 year Anniversary

On Thursday July 30th James and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!! We have had a wonderful 4 years so far. We have had our challenges and our triumphs, and through it all we have grown closer together. We had a really fun day, we decided to go to Salt Lake and go through all the church sites, that we haven't been to or haven't been to in years. We got to look at the new Church Library and go through the Beehive House. We had a great time and in a way continued with pioneer day with all the historic sites. That evening we went out to dinner and then went to Harry Potter. It was really fun and relaxing. I love James so much and I am so thankful that we are sealed together for all eternity! Its weird to think about this being our last anniversary with just us before our little one joins the family.

By the way we had another Dr. apt I got to take the fun glucose test. The nurse the drew my blood had to poke both arms because the first one wouldn't give any blood. I looked pretty beat up with two arms wraps. But it was all worth it, they tests came back normal and everything looks great. We are getting so excited!!


We had a really fun 24th of July!! My mom came up to pick up Kirsten, and to bring us all of our baby stuff! It was really exciting. We went down to Ogden to their Pioneer Celebrations. They had a patriotic display at the fair grounds. I think that had 5,000 flags on display representing the number of Military men and women that have been killed in Operation Iraq Freedom. They had them laid out in the shape of the united states. They also had a yellow ribbon on the flags with a deceased soldiers name and hometown on it. It was an amazing site!! When we got there they weren't quite all set up yet. They were there for 2 weeks I think.

Later that day James met up with us and Kirsten and my mom went to the Ogden Pioneer Day Rodeo. Kirsten hadn't ever been to a rodeo so she was really excited. I didn't take any pictures of the Rodeo, because my camera battery died on me, but we had a lot of fun. I did take this video of the motorcycles they had right before the fireworks. Of course I took a video of the less dangerous of the rides, but I still thought it was really fun.

Overall the weekend was very very fun!! I gained a renewed respect for the pioneers and what they sacrificed for their freedom of religion and their belief in Zion.