Thursday, August 28, 2008


1. Where is your cell phone?... Right by me I can't be without it!
2. Your hair?...Blonde
3. Your significant other?... James :)
4. Your mother?... Sheri
5. Your father?... Don
6. Your favorite thing?... Family
7. Your dream last night?... I was to tired to dream
8. Your favorite drink?... Orange Juice Yum yum
9. Your dream/goal?... Finish School and start a family
10. The room you're in?... The family room
11. Your child(ren)?... Not Yet
12. Your fear?... Spiders and things that go bump in the night.
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? I would love to be a stay at home mom!!
14. Where were you last night?... Helping Nicole move.
15. What you're not?... I'm not very crafty
16. Muffins, bluberry or poppy?... Poppy
17. One of your wish list items?... A house and kids
18. Where you grew up?... San Diego, Florida, Colorado and now Utah
19. What you read last?... Breaking Dawn, but I'm now on Surrounded by Strangers
20. What are you wearing?... Yellow striped shirt and Jeans
21. Your TV?....Is off
22. Your pets?... Diego our Big Puppy and Sid our Turtle
23. Your computer?... I don't know it works and I like it!
24. Your life?... Happy and always moving
25. Your mood?... Good but I don't want to clean house.
26. Missing someone?... James, and Ryan
27. Your car?... 06 white Sonata, yahoo gas mileage!
28. Something you're not wearing? Shoes
29. Favorite Store?... I love Kohls & Ross & Dollar Tree!
30. Your summer?... Really fun but flew by!
31. Like someone?... James :)
32. Your favorite color?... Green
33. Last time you laughed?... Reading other peoples blogs just now!
34. Last time you cried?... Last night when we left Nicole at BYU, you'd think I was the one being left.

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Well, I can't say that I'm a BYU fan but I guess I kind of have to like them now. My mom and I took Nicole to BYU yesterday. We had a fun filled crazy day!!! We first had to find her check in building and then find her dorm building. After that we explored her apt, and then begin hauling all of her stuff in. My arms are sore today from all the moving! Heres a few pictures of the room with all her stuff in it not unpacked....Tada!!! Its unpacked and looks great! If it only actually took 2 seconds to unpack like ithe pictures show that would have been wonderful. Her room is very cute!
Of course we had to go buy things that she needed and forgot, so we made trips to three stores and bought grocery's. She should be all set. Late last night we said our goodbyes. And I finally got home around 1am and got up bright and early for class today. But it was all worth it!!

I had a fun time meeting her roommates that were there and enjoyed sharing in the new experience with her. She's such a sweet and beautiful woman and I am so proud of her.
Good Luck Nicole and We Love You!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I can't believe I'm finally a senior this year. I had my first classes today, and it all went really well, except for being 20 minutes late for my 7:30am class. yikes! The professor is very nice and was ok about it but man did I feel stupid. I only have 2 classes this semester and only one in the spring, I also have my internship the whole school year. I started that Monday. I'm interning at Box Elder Middle School in their counseling department. I'll be working individually with students, and with students and their parents, and presenting to classes, and running groups. It will be really good experience for my future. I'm very nervous and excited. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Oh and keep scrolling down once again I have posted like 3 different things.

Late Summer Camping

We have had no time this summer to go camping which is one of our favorite things to do. So we took off this last weekend and enjoyed the great outdoors! We go to a little secluded spot up Logan canyon. It is beautiful, and there is no one around, which is nice but also has it's down falls such as no potties. :( I made James buy me a little portable toilet seat to sit on which has made it more bearable. Heres a picture of our tent, you can see the little stream that runs right across the front. We have to cross a little bridge to get to our tent. Its so pretty!

Here is a few flowers growing in the little stream. We are so blessed to have such beautiful things on earth. Something about camping always makes me reflect on how beautiful the earth is. Heres a picture of us dirty but having fun!

Our dorky dog loved camping. we let his run wild and he ran and ran and ran. He is so fast and he would come back every couple minutes and check back in with us. One time he spotted a big black cow about 20 feet from our camp and he took off after it. That poor cow he chased over the mountain ! After a while he didn't come back so I whistled for him and he came running down the mountain all proud that he had saved us from the big mean cow. There are a lot of cows in the area, because ranchers push them up the mountain for the summer. Thats just what I've been told!? So I hope thats accurate.

I know you shouldn't do this but we did so oh well, but the first time we camped here was September 20th 2005. so we carved our names and date in this tree that first camp. Its fun to check on it every year. Over all camping was great but it is always good to come home and take that much needed shower!! Yea all clean again :)

Our Beautiful Garden

Ok so we planted a garden again this year, but we planted late in the season because it was still getting below freezing at night in late may. Because of that we didn't know if we would even get anything out of our little garden this year. Thankfully we have and it has been really fun. We planted a tomato plant, spaghetti squash, acorn squash, peas, and pumpkins. I also wanted flowers so I planted a few along the back and then those huge sunflowers, which personally had been my favorite to watch grow! James has been really excited about the pumpkins and we hope to be able to carve our own this Halloween, we'll see.

Here is the Sunflower almost opened! So exciting...

Now it's opened. Isn't it beautiful!!! I am so proud of how tall it got I made James stand by it so I could compare it, and because I made him have his picture taken he made me so you get to see both of us standing by it. By the way James is 6 Ft and I'm 5.3 so that gives you a bit of a idea of how tall it got. Ignore how gross we look we had just got back from camping and I wanted to take a picture while we had the camera outside.

Our cute Spaghetti Squash. I'm so excited for these they taste sooooo good!
Heres our little pumpkins, yea Halloween!

This is the whole garden area, you can see the squash forest and our huge tomato plant. It has been a lot of work but it has been worth it!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


We have been absolutely addicted to the Olympics. I have heard it called Olympicitis, and we have been glued to the tv with it. I hope you all have had a chance to watch and admire what these athletes go through to become the best in the world.

Ultimate Redneck Party

Last weekend we went to a Demolition Derby!! I love going to them, I think they are so much fun. The craziness of it all is infectious. James is thinking about buying a car and fixing it up for next summer. I told him to go for it and I'll make t-shirts and lead the cheering crowd!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cache County Fair

Last weekend August 6th-9th was the Cache County Fair! We both had never gone because we usually go to Colorado around this time. We were excited and went Thursday night and looked at the booths and the animals. It down poured!!! We all got so wet but we had a blast. Here are a couple pictures.
This sheep is stepping on his buddy to get the hay on the other side. I guess its true the Grass is always greener on the other side!
I loved these sheep! Their little shirts were so funny I had to take a picture. They weren't the only ones over dressed for the fair but they were the best dressed.
Friday Night we went to the Rodeo! They have also made it a breast cancer awareness event so everyone was wearing pink. I thought that was pretty cool. Here are a few shot videos of the Rodeo. They opened the event with Cowboy poker. The last one at the table won $500 . Would you do that?!

They also had trick riders they were amazing!! I can't even ride a horse let alone flip on and off one! And than last but not least the Winning Bull Ride!!

Saturday we went down to Jordan Commons and watched the Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D. It was a really good movie and it was even more fun in 3-D. I highly suggest it. We also recently saw Get Smart , we about killed over laughing. It's very good.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I know this isn't a traditional post but I thought I would let those of you who I don't have emails for know that starting September Scentsy has come out with new products, warmers, and scents. Because of this all their Spring and Summer scents and Warmers are 10% off. I have attached a link to their page that lists all the scents that will not be returning next spring. If any of your favorites are on there let me know and you can still get them up to the last day in August. I am going to try and put in an order this weekend. Also on the Discontinued list the sunburst warmer is sold out even though it doesn't say on the page. Let me know if you want anything. Also the new Fall/Winter catalog is on my website They have come out with little plug in warmers, which are perfect for your bathroom, office and kitchen areas. Check them out!!! (Discontinued Items) (Fall/Winter Catalog)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

* 3 year Wedding Anniversary *

Ok I have just posted a ton of things. So scroll down to check all the post out!!It has been a while since I posted due to summer, and the fact the Breaking Dawn came out this last week. It was a great book but the way!!! A few more side notes July 30 was Our 3 year Anniversary! Yea. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I'm so lucky to have found and married James. He is my best friend and thankfully my eternal companion. I love him so much and so much more than when we were married. I remember people telling us that your love grows with time and I thought... how is that possible when I love him so much already. But its true our love grows with each day. We don't always see eye to eye but that makes life interesting. I also want to say Congratulations to my parents who just celebrated their anniversary on August 6th. They have always been such a good example to us!
I have one last post. For those of you who don't know I have signed up to sell Scentsy. They are wickless, flameless, wax warmers. They smell so good and they are a cute addition to you home. If you are interested you can go to my website If you would like to host a party let me know and you can earn free products as well as discounted items.

24th Of July Pioneer Day

We traveled the long miles to Sanford CO. for their 24th of July Celebration. Sanford is one of two towns that were settled by the Mormon Pioneers. They were sent from southern portion of the US to settle Colorado by Brigham Young. They had a pretty neat history that in a lot of ways in similar to Utah. Because of this history they celebrate the 24th of July. We went to 2 different parades. Here are the Pictures of the parade and the trip.

This is Sanfords only cop!! Yea crazy huh!
These floats are actually from Manassa 's Parade. They are a neighboring town. These floats were amazing.

Chaz at the Parade enjoying an otter pop. Yum!!
After the Sanford parade they have all kinds of different activities. They have races where all the kids and adults race by age and gender. They also had an egg toss. Here's Tori covered in egg. James was her partner, and he wondered why I didn't want to do the egg toss with him.

After the races we all went to Grandma Holmans. James was showing off on the tree swing.
Later in the trip we all got to try out the motorcycle that Aaron and Cara bought for their boys. It's a little motorcycle but I thought it was really fun! I had never driven one before. Yahoo!!

Here are two videos of the Boys riding the bike. The first one is Alec and the second is Barron.

The whole trip was really fun. James also had his 10 year high school reunion. I had fun meeting all his old friends and he had a lot of fun reminiscing with his friends. We also taught James family how to play settlers and we had a few intense games. We were sad to go, but thankful for the chance we had to visit.

Petersen Campout

After James family left that next weekend the 10-12 of July is the annual Petersen Family camp out. We always go to the Unitas. We were unable to go for the whole time but we did get there Friday night. We didn't sleep a wink because we brought Diego and my parents had Tia who happened to be in heat so Diego just wanted to do nasty things to her. So we literally were up all night long!! It was terrible and I was not a "Happy Camper" That next morning we downed Mt. Dew to keep us awake and helped pack up. Then we went with my family to Mirror Lake and hiked a little trail around it. It was a beautiful and easy hike. At the end of the trail there were little streams that fed into the lake. James has always claimed that the little streams had the biggest fish and that he could catch them with his bare hands. Being the sweet wife that I am I would listen to his stories and figured he exaggerated the stories A LOT! Turns out I was way off. He was telling the truth! I don't have the pictures because I left my camera in the car, but Nicole took some and a few videos. I'll have to get them from her. It was amazing he caught big fish and with his bare hands. It was so easy that Larissa being the brave women she is tried to catch some also. She got very close. I would never do that! It was a really fun trip.

On the way home Larissa insisted on riding in the back with Diego. Again very brave. I turned around and say her sleeping on him and him sleeping it was cute and pretty funny.
We also stopped by my Grandma and Grandpa Larsens house and looked at their new pond and fountain. Which is amazing! They also got a patio swing and the girls were still pretty tired from the trip if you can't tell.