Thursday, August 7, 2008

* 3 year Wedding Anniversary *

Ok I have just posted a ton of things. So scroll down to check all the post out!!It has been a while since I posted due to summer, and the fact the Breaking Dawn came out this last week. It was a great book but the way!!! A few more side notes July 30 was Our 3 year Anniversary! Yea. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I'm so lucky to have found and married James. He is my best friend and thankfully my eternal companion. I love him so much and so much more than when we were married. I remember people telling us that your love grows with time and I thought... how is that possible when I love him so much already. But its true our love grows with each day. We don't always see eye to eye but that makes life interesting. I also want to say Congratulations to my parents who just celebrated their anniversary on August 6th. They have always been such a good example to us!
I have one last post. For those of you who don't know I have signed up to sell Scentsy. They are wickless, flameless, wax warmers. They smell so good and they are a cute addition to you home. If you are interested you can go to my website If you would like to host a party let me know and you can earn free products as well as discounted items.


Bethany Nicks and Family said...

Has it really been 3 years?! Happy Anniversary!!

How do the Scentsy things work? Obviously I can't host a party (unless you are coming to Vegas ;) ) But they look really neat! Is there a way I can just order from you without having a party? Let me know! You can e-mail me if you want

Tippetts Family said...

Happy 3rd anniversary! :) Where is the time going? I love that picture of you two!

Ditto to what Beth said about the candles! My email is

Love ya!