Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Late Summer Camping

We have had no time this summer to go camping which is one of our favorite things to do. So we took off this last weekend and enjoyed the great outdoors! We go to a little secluded spot up Logan canyon. It is beautiful, and there is no one around, which is nice but also has it's down falls such as no potties. :( I made James buy me a little portable toilet seat to sit on which has made it more bearable. Heres a picture of our tent, you can see the little stream that runs right across the front. We have to cross a little bridge to get to our tent. Its so pretty!

Here is a few flowers growing in the little stream. We are so blessed to have such beautiful things on earth. Something about camping always makes me reflect on how beautiful the earth is. Heres a picture of us dirty but having fun!

Our dorky dog loved camping. we let his run wild and he ran and ran and ran. He is so fast and he would come back every couple minutes and check back in with us. One time he spotted a big black cow about 20 feet from our camp and he took off after it. That poor cow he chased over the mountain ! After a while he didn't come back so I whistled for him and he came running down the mountain all proud that he had saved us from the big mean cow. There are a lot of cows in the area, because ranchers push them up the mountain for the summer. Thats just what I've been told!? So I hope thats accurate.

I know you shouldn't do this but we did so oh well, but the first time we camped here was September 20th 2005. so we carved our names and date in this tree that first camp. Its fun to check on it every year. Over all camping was great but it is always good to come home and take that much needed shower!! Yea all clean again :)

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Matt and Serenity Stewart said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!! I LOVE CAMPING!!!!!