Thursday, August 7, 2008

24th Of July Pioneer Day

We traveled the long miles to Sanford CO. for their 24th of July Celebration. Sanford is one of two towns that were settled by the Mormon Pioneers. They were sent from southern portion of the US to settle Colorado by Brigham Young. They had a pretty neat history that in a lot of ways in similar to Utah. Because of this history they celebrate the 24th of July. We went to 2 different parades. Here are the Pictures of the parade and the trip.

This is Sanfords only cop!! Yea crazy huh!
These floats are actually from Manassa 's Parade. They are a neighboring town. These floats were amazing.

Chaz at the Parade enjoying an otter pop. Yum!!
After the Sanford parade they have all kinds of different activities. They have races where all the kids and adults race by age and gender. They also had an egg toss. Here's Tori covered in egg. James was her partner, and he wondered why I didn't want to do the egg toss with him.

After the races we all went to Grandma Holmans. James was showing off on the tree swing.
Later in the trip we all got to try out the motorcycle that Aaron and Cara bought for their boys. It's a little motorcycle but I thought it was really fun! I had never driven one before. Yahoo!!

Here are two videos of the Boys riding the bike. The first one is Alec and the second is Barron.

The whole trip was really fun. James also had his 10 year high school reunion. I had fun meeting all his old friends and he had a lot of fun reminiscing with his friends. We also taught James family how to play settlers and we had a few intense games. We were sad to go, but thankful for the chance we had to visit.

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Tippetts Family said...

Those are some pretty amazing floats! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!