Monday, October 31, 2011


The boys' Halloween pj's!!
They were so cute and Porter loved that they were glow in the dark!
SO cool! They looked so funny just these little bones running in the dark.
Here are our pumpkins we carved.
Porter loved carving pumpkins, way more then I ever expected.Porter loved his pumpkins so much that he was jumping on his chair slipped and fell and cut his tongue with his front teeth.Our Ward party was very fun and the boys really enjoyed getting dressed up. Porter was our Fireman, Thomas was the Dalmatian puppy.
James was a robber and I was the cop that caught him ;)
Towards the end of the night on Halloween Porter caught on and realized saying Trick or Treat got him candy, so he Loved it!! The following days were spent dumping and gathering him Halloween candy over and over again. So cute!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Look who's almost 2!!

We decided to celebrate Porter's 2nd Birthday a little early for those who were able to make it down for Thomas' blessing. Even though he isn't 2 yet I can't believe that he is almost 2 and that he has been a blessing in our lives for 2 years.

I had to laugh because of course with family coming into town we woke up to snow Saturday after being so warm for so long.
Porter helped me make his cupcake cake. He was so excited to help.
He loved licking the chocolate mix and wanted to eat all of it.
I made his cake into a number 2 with James' styling help. Porter is loving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately so we celebrated with Mickey Mouse. I loved how easy the cupcake cake was to make and serve, I would absolutely make one again.
Kirsten and Tori decorated the house while Porter was taking a nap.
He was so excited when he woke up and said "wow" Over and over again.
Porter was so excited to see Mickey Mouse on his cake.
I love his silly embarrassed grin.
He loved his cake this year, and ate it by the handfuls.
Porter had a fun time playing with his cousins. He loved having kids around to play with.
Porter loved each gift he received and has played with all of them non stop.
Although his favorite toy were the balloons. At the very end of the party James lifted Porter up and told him to say thank you everybody.
He said it so sweetly to everyone, we are very proud parents.
Thank you to all of you who make his birthday so special.

Thomas Baby Blessing

Thomas Ray Holman
We blessed Thomas on Sunday the 9th. He was blessed by his dad James, and had a big circle of Priesthood holders that loved and supported him. Grandpa Petersen and Holman, as well as his uncles, Ryan Marc, and Aaron. Also our friend Brandon. James gave a beautiful blessing and Thomas was wonderful through it. We took pictures after the meeting. It was a cold morning and everyone was so nice to stand outside and let me take pictures.

This was the whole group that made the trip out to support us and welcome Thomas.
We felt very blessed to have so many people join us.
Here is Grandma and Grandpa Petersen holding little Thomas.
And here is Grandma and Grandpa Holman holding Thomas.
My friend Chantal and her family were able to come out for the Blessing. It was fun to see how much her little boy has grown and to talk about the joys of being a mom.
Porter decided to smile this cheesy smile and started asking for "one more picture."
He also thought he was hilarious in Thomas baby tub.
We were so happy to have Marc and Nicole fly out from Utah. It was sad to say goodbye, and Porter is already going through family withdraws.
Thank you to everyone who made the drive out.
It was such a wonderful day and wouldn't have been complete without you all.
Thank you!!