Friday, April 30, 2010

6 Months Old

Wow, I can't believe how fast the time flies. 6 months ago we welcomed the love of our lives into this world. Porter had his 6 month doctor appointment today and he is doing great. His stats are:
Weight: 15 lbs 63 oz (16%)
Length: 27 inches (69%)
Head: 17.7 inches (82%)
He has actually lost weight since his last appointment, and the Doctor was a bit worried so we made another appointment in a month so make sure it doesn't go down any more. I'm not to concerned this last week he has eaten like crazy so I'm sure he'll get some more baby fat on him. Other than that he did great even with the shots. He only screamed for a little bit :)
As you an see he is sitting very good, we still put pillows by him for the occasional nose dive. He loves food!! He hasn't had one thing yet that he doesn't love. He begs for our food every time James or I have any. The only thing he has shown a bit of indifference to was the lamb and gravy baby food that his crazy aunt Nicole gave him. He cried after the 4th or 5th bite. (I don't blame him at all!!) He was given the cute farm book at the doctors office today. He loves it and has almost destroyed it with slobber already.
Porter and Dad at the Doctors Office
Here's some fun pictures of Porter enjoying some corn. Yummy!!
I love his folded ear, poor kid his ear is always folding in half.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nicole's Family Bridal Shower

We had a bridal shower for my sister Nicole last weekend. It was so much fun, and it was great how many people were able to make it! Us sisters threw the shower and each of us had a game. Kirsten had a toilet paper game where each group made a piece of Nicole's "wedding dress" out of toilet paper. We were in awe at the creativity of all the groups. This is the veil and Bouquet group.

Here's Nicole in the finishes product. So beautiful!! The only materials used were toilet paper and tape, oh and a few dandelions for color ;)
We also played a memory game and learned more about Marc and Nicole and their courtship.
This was just a cute picture I had to put in. Porter with Aunt Nicole
Here's Nicole with all her gifts, everyone was so kind and generous, she got lots of great stuff!
This was another picture I had to throw in. We were out in the sun for quite a while so my aunt suggested a hat for Porter. I hadn't even thought about anything like that, I'm defiantly still a first time mom. He looked so cute!
This is Nicole with the yummy dessert she picked out. It was Pink Lemonade Pie and it was delicious!
Porter resorted to eating the table after he ate all my pie.
After the party we went to my Grandma Petersen's house and spent the night. Porter spent his time trying to eat this toy dogs tail.
Porter and his Grandpa Petersen playing.
Porter and his Great Grandma Petersen, she was trying to help me get him to sleep.
Sunday we stopped by my other grandparents. This picture was so sweet, Porter with his Great Grandpa Larsen.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me !!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday!! I can't believe I have lived a quarter of a century. I have to say though this birthday wasn't as traumatizing as when I turned 20 so that was good. James was a sweet husband and he took work off so we could spend the day together. We went to Denny's for breakfast/lunch and then headed off to Antelope Island. It has been a while since I have been to Antelope Island and James has never been. We had a lot of fun looking at the museum and the looking at all the animals. We saw lots of Buffalo and James spotted some right off the road. We saw some deer and I saw a badger. We watched a Porcupine run across the road. I was thrilled to get this picture of him.
Heres some of the Buffalo in the corals.
We got to look at the Fielding Garr Ranch. It was a Ranch that was built in 1848 and they stopped ranching in 1981. It was really fun!

James showed some people from NY how to lasso a cow. They had tried and were impressed when James did it.
Later that night we went to a new restaurant in town called Smokin Blues Barbecue. It was yummy food! I had a great Birthday and felt so loved by both my boys!

Here are some random pictures I haven't posted.
Porter almost always sleeps snuggling his blanket.
We gave him some baby crackers the other day and he loves them!!
He loves pulling cheesy faces that make me laugh, this kid is a crack up!
Ryan spent some time with us, while he was in between semesters. One evening we went fishing with him up Logan canyon.
Uncle Ryan and Porter, awe so cute

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthdays and Family Road Trip

A few weeks ago my family came out for their spring break. We had so much fun being together and celebrating Kirsten and Marc's Birthdays!! Marc was able to experience and I might add enjoy our family tradition of singing individually to the birthday boy or girl. He was a trooper! We spent a lot of time looking at wedding dresses. It was hard to help Nicole pick just one because she looked so beautiful in everything she tried on. This is Larissa and Porter in one of the Wedding Shops.
Grandma Petersen feeding Porter some cereal. Yummy

Kirsten putting Porter to sleep for me. What a big helper!
A few days later it was time to head to Sanford Colorado for my nephew Alec's Baptism. Porter did great during the drive. We left at about 7pm and arrive in Sanford at 5am. It was a long night but it was much easier with Porter that way. Here is Uncle Alan holding Porter.
Grandpa Holman with a happy naked Porter. Porter is always happiest when he is naked. Silly kid.
We were able to go to Alamosa to see James Great Grandma and get a 5 generation picture!! It is so nice to have so many generations of loving family members.
Saturday was Alec's Baptism. James I and had the privilege to talk on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. Alec was so handsome and he beamed with happiness. Here he is with his new scriptures!
Here is the family after the baptism. Alec was such a proud big brother.

Here is Porter with his great grandma Holman.

Here he is with his great grandma and grandpa Price.
This was the morning we were leaving and Porter was so comfy snuggling with his Grandma Holman. Its so hard living so far apart.
A while ago our dog Diego and our landlords dog had puppies. James brother Aaron took one, so we were able to see it, she is so cute and just as crazy as Diego. I was proud puppy mommy!
Last week Nicole and Marc and Ryan came down for Easter. The day before was Nicole's birthday so we made a delicious dinner while the men went to priesthood. We had a yummy birthday cake with 20 candles.
Easter morning, everyone was surprised to see the Easter bunny found us all, even though we all live so far apart.
Porter loved his giant frog and all his Easter eggs.
We ate a big breakfast of waffles and strawberry's and sausages, and watched general conference. After we headed down to my Grandma Larsen's Birthday party! We had so much fun seeing everyone.
Phew that was another long post! We have been staying very busy. Last week we went under contract to buy the home we are renters in. We are very excited and hope everything goes as planned and we will have bought our first home by the middle of may.