Friday, November 21, 2008

***TWILIGHT*** midnight girls night

I went with a group of friends to the midnight showing of TWILIGHT last night!! There were 20 of us total in the group. The first 2 in our group got to the theater at 8:00 and it was already packed. I showed up at 9 and we saved seats for the rest of the group. This is a picture of a couple people in our group. Of course in a theater with a bunch of passionate women there were a few tense moments. There was a couple huffy women who wanted our seats but we held our ground. They went and got the manager and she told us it was state law that you can't save seats. The thing was that we had all the tickets with us so it didn't matter that the people weren't there yet. Anyway the manager got really mad and stomped off crying. I felt really bad but man she was really rude. Overall every one was really nice and the whole theater counted down each hour. When the movie finally stated you would have thought Edward was actually in the theater with all the screaming. This is a little video I took of the screaming. It was crazy!!

The movie was really good. I think it was a low budget film, because some of the special effects were cheesy, but that was ok I expected it. The best part of the movie was in the Ballet Studio!! I can't wait for the next one to come out. It was a little weird to see the story unfold and to compare how you imagined it happening to how the producer imagined it. Somethings were the same and others wern't. It still was very fun. I heard that at some theaters people had prom dresses on and other were having a blood drive. I thought the blood drive was creative.

Monday, November 17, 2008

FUN with GUNS (I mean responsible :)

Well this last weekend James and I hung out with our friends Beaver and Jeanine. We went to Lewiston and shot clay pigeons and what ever else we could find. They have a couple shotguns and hand guns. It was great especially because James has been wanting a hand gun so he could shot a couple different ones and really see what he likes. We just had a good time.

This is Jeanine with one of the shot guns. The area we shot at is specifically made for shooting, that cement block is actually a little cave for the automatic clay pigeons. The area was really fun, I think someone worked on it for a Eagle Project.
Beaver was the best at the thrower. I'm not sure if thats what it's really called but it's how we threw the clay pigeons. Perfect form! Jeanine and I struggled at throwing. It was sad! I felt bad for the Guys because they couldn't get a good target.
Here is James shooting one of the hand guns. He looks so concentrated! This is a picture of one of the clay pigeons. Its hard to see but this one has a hole in the middle. Not to brag but I shot that hole straight through with one of the hand guns! Yup thats me the straight shooter! :)
Thanks Beav and Jeanine, we had a great time!

Colorado, Scentsy, Volleyball

Last weekend James and I made a quick trip to Colorado to see my family and to have a couple Scentsy Parties. We had a great time at the parties ! Thanks to all of you who came!! While we were there it was also the YW Volleyball tournament. Larissa 's team did great! They had so much fun. Here are a couple pictures of the events. Chantal came down from Ft Collins and we had a blast reminiscing about the good old days when we won the Volleyball Tournament. Not to brag or anything :P This is a great picture of Larissa with a perfect volley! She is quite the volleyball player!!
This is just a silly picture of Kirsten at the tournament. They had Italian Day at school and they gave everyone mustaches. I thought this picture was great!!Here is a cute little video I took of the girls doing their cheer before the big game. I think they took 3rd or 2nd I'm not sure.

The grand prize was of course a chocolate candy bar. Yummy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween !!!

We had a fun Halloween! Our Ward had a Trunk Or Treat, and served Chili. It was yummy! We decorated our car and had fun seeing our primary kids and our scouts. After we went to Tyson and Melissa's friends house. They had made a little haunted house. We then played games. We played this new game called Killer Bunnies. It was crazy but we had a good time. Yeah for Halloween!
As you hopefully can tell I was Alice in Wonderlandand James was Paul Bunyon. We really didn't pick our costumes a whole lot. Octobers Pack Meeting Theme for scouts was Adventures in Books and we were asked to dress like a book Character. So we decided to be the same thing for Halloween especially since Pack Meeting was Tuesday and Halloween was Friday. Our costumes weren't to hard thank Heavens. I found my dress at DI and I made the apron, and James just had to buy a few things.
We had to add Kade in, he was a puppy! He was tired of his puppy hat so he didn't want to put it on. But he was really cute and had a blast getting tons of candy.

Fall Yard Work

Thursday James had the day off and decided we needed to clean up Diego's area and our Garden, before it starts to get really cold and snow. After we cleaned that all up, Melissa and Kade asked if we could cut down 2 of their trees also. So James did, he was really sweet to do that for them. We then hauled it to the dump in 3 loads. After all that fun Melissa made us dinner as a thank you. The yard looked so much better! Heres some fun Pictures of the events.
Heres Kade in the trees James was trying to cut down. Heres Melissa trying to entertain Kade so James could get it done. He thought it was great to climb the ladder and jump off like Spiderman!