Monday, November 17, 2008

FUN with GUNS (I mean responsible :)

Well this last weekend James and I hung out with our friends Beaver and Jeanine. We went to Lewiston and shot clay pigeons and what ever else we could find. They have a couple shotguns and hand guns. It was great especially because James has been wanting a hand gun so he could shot a couple different ones and really see what he likes. We just had a good time.

This is Jeanine with one of the shot guns. The area we shot at is specifically made for shooting, that cement block is actually a little cave for the automatic clay pigeons. The area was really fun, I think someone worked on it for a Eagle Project.
Beaver was the best at the thrower. I'm not sure if thats what it's really called but it's how we threw the clay pigeons. Perfect form! Jeanine and I struggled at throwing. It was sad! I felt bad for the Guys because they couldn't get a good target.
Here is James shooting one of the hand guns. He looks so concentrated! This is a picture of one of the clay pigeons. Its hard to see but this one has a hole in the middle. Not to brag but I shot that hole straight through with one of the hand guns! Yup thats me the straight shooter! :)
Thanks Beav and Jeanine, we had a great time!

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Tippetts Family said...

Fun! I love shooting guns, we are actually thinking about getting a gun too. It is kinda scary to have that much power in my hands, but it is still exciting!! Nice job on shooting right through the target! I am impressed!