Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Porters Check up

I forgot to mention in my last post that Porter had a check up Monday to make sure he wasn't losing more weight and that he was gaining.
He did great and had gained 2 lbs in 3 weeks, he now weights 17 lbs 11 oz.
The doctor was very pleased and we are glad that we figured out that I had been unintentionally starving the poor kid!
He is a very good eater and will eat anything we give him.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a Weekend!!

We had a crazy weekend! Saturday we took my grandpas truck to their house in Ogden and then went and visited my Grandma Petersen. Porter had a fun time playing with his Great Grandma and enjoyed all her fun toys, especially the puppy. I thought these pictures were so cute!!
After visiting for a while we continued our trek down to Springville for my friend Chantal's Bridal Shower. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see so many old friends. Aren't we so grown up. I think we look like we could still be in highschool.
After such a busy day we drove back that night and were exhausted! Sunday we woke up and had church and then went to a birthday party for little Izzy, she turned 1year old. During all the crazyness I had to remain calm, because about a month ago I began planning a surprise birthday party for James 30th birthday. It was going to do it the sunday before his birthday but a lot of our friends were going to be out of town. So I moved it to this weekend. Saturday evening James realized that throughout all the driving he had done the day before he had an expired license! So I drove all day sunday which worked out for the best when it came to his surprise party. At 6pm James brother Jason called and said his car battery died and him and Casi were stranded at the park. SO we hopped in the car and I drove us to the park, (where everyone was waiting). James pointed out Jasons car, and was confused when I parked across the street from his car. I then was able to say the word that I have waited a long time to say, (since my surprise baby shower, when James had said them to me). "Have you ever felt that someone has pulled the wool over your eyes!!" It was a lovely moment for me and a confused moment for James.

We all hung out and chatted for a bit and cooked a hamburger and hotdog barbecue. Of course the weather was rainy and freezing. We all stayed and ate and had presents and then went home to get warm. It was so much fun, and I owe so much to my friends for helping me pull this off. With out them it would no have happened. For those of you that know James you'll understand what an accomplishment this was. I also have a special thanks for Jason for his fantastic lie that got James to the park!
Chelsie made the cupcakes for James and they were not only cute but delicious! I love the cupcake kabob idea!
These last pictures are of Porter (of course) He was being so silly the other night with his pacifier I snapped a few shots of him. It looks like he has a funny nose.
Crazy boy
He has been so tired from the long weekend we had that he fell asleep while eating last night.
To cute
What a happy kid! We were told the other day that he is happiest baby they had ever seen. (We actually get told that a lot) But then they said that we should look out because that means our second should be a holy terror. :) I guess we'll just have to wait and see about that. He is such a happy boy though.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Wild Man

This is the Porter we know and love! He is a wild man that screams for joy and sticks his tongue out and puts on a show for everyone to see. He is hilarious and we love every bit of him.
Porter has always loved his baths, and he still does. He is crazy in the tub and will get me completely wet kicking and splashing.

He loves his bath toys, all of his rubber duckies!!
This is the end..... Hahaha
such a cute bum!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday James

My sweet James turned 30 today!! He has been so funny about not wanting anyone at work to know it his birthday. So...... I didn't tell them but my actions did!! I decorated James car while he was working. I filled it completely with balloons and wrote on the outside. The back said "Honk to Wish Me a Happy 30th B-Day"
Porter was really patient with me, he feed himself a bottle while I ran around like a crazy person trying to get the car decorated.
After I had finished and found my spying spot in the parking lot, I received a phone call from James asking me if I had called his work and told them it was his Birthday. I answered honestly and said "no". (while I was decorating, his co worker saw me and saw what I was doing, so he went up to James and said Happy Birthday). I then asked James if he was coming home for lunch which would mean he would have to come out and see his car. He said no, so then I told him to just come out back and see me because I had a surprise for lunch for him. He said ok and then I got the camera out. He wasn't the first one around the corner, it was two other co workers.
Then James came around and he was shocked and surprised. It was a lot of fun to watch!!

I gave him cupcakes I had made and he took them into work to share. Everyone at his work takes their Birthdays off, but because they had no idea when James was they told him to take the rest of the day off. So we went and had a picnic lunch at first dam. It was a lot of fun! Later we had t-bone steaks and cake and ice cream and presents.
James blowing out his candles
Porter wishing his daddy a Happy Birthday
I love you

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silly Pictures of Porter

Porter loves his jumper as you all know. Recently he has been curious about the contraption that holds him in. So he grabs the straps and looks up at it. It kind of looks a bit creepy but he loves it, he also just loves being upside down in general.
Last weekend we went to the first Demolition Derby of the summer, it was fun but still a bit cold. Our friends Beaver and Jeanine came with us.
Here's Jeanine with Porter, he loved the fur on the hood of her coat. It's like pulling on my hair but it doesn't hurt me. :)
Porter and Diego have become such good friends! Diego still makes me a bit nervous because he doesn't realize how big and strong he is. Also on a side note Porter decided yesterday that he was going to roll over all day and any which way he wanted. He has finally figured it out!!

Porters recent crazy thing is his tongue! Every time he sticks it out I laugh, he does it with such a smirk on his face like he knows how funny he is.

Here's a video of the crazy tongue, enjoy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sorry all you Moms out there.....

I just thought I better let you all know that I have the cutest boy ever!! Here's the proof...
Poor kid today I decided to have an at home photo shot. He was a trooper.
The other night Porter was in such a wild mood! I had given him some peaches and some mashed potatoes. Then decided he needed a bath, after him splashing for 30 minutes in the tub and my bathroom no longer being dry. I thought for sure he would be tired, ha. He was even more of a ham, so I gave him the mohawk to go with the attitude.

Here's a side profile to show how long his hair is but the shadow makes it hard to see so oh well. His hair isn't as long as the shadow makes it out to be.

I hope you've all enjoyed his cuteness, like I said it can't be beat so don't even worry about trying. :) Last here's another video of Porter in his jumper, I never thought he could beat the last video but he sure hams it up in this one. Sorry its sideways I forget I can't turn it around.