Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silly Pictures of Porter

Porter loves his jumper as you all know. Recently he has been curious about the contraption that holds him in. So he grabs the straps and looks up at it. It kind of looks a bit creepy but he loves it, he also just loves being upside down in general.
Last weekend we went to the first Demolition Derby of the summer, it was fun but still a bit cold. Our friends Beaver and Jeanine came with us.
Here's Jeanine with Porter, he loved the fur on the hood of her coat. It's like pulling on my hair but it doesn't hurt me. :)
Porter and Diego have become such good friends! Diego still makes me a bit nervous because he doesn't realize how big and strong he is. Also on a side note Porter decided yesterday that he was going to roll over all day and any which way he wanted. He has finally figured it out!!

Porters recent crazy thing is his tongue! Every time he sticks it out I laugh, he does it with such a smirk on his face like he knows how funny he is.

Here's a video of the crazy tongue, enjoy.


Sheri said...

Boy am I a lucky grandma! He is not only cute but entertaining too.
I love you Porter

Adrianne said...

Ooooo Shay, I want to squish him!! He is so cute and I love his little tongue sticking out!!