Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nicole's Family Bridal Shower

We had a bridal shower for my sister Nicole last weekend. It was so much fun, and it was great how many people were able to make it! Us sisters threw the shower and each of us had a game. Kirsten had a toilet paper game where each group made a piece of Nicole's "wedding dress" out of toilet paper. We were in awe at the creativity of all the groups. This is the veil and Bouquet group.

Here's Nicole in the finishes product. So beautiful!! The only materials used were toilet paper and tape, oh and a few dandelions for color ;)
We also played a memory game and learned more about Marc and Nicole and their courtship.
This was just a cute picture I had to put in. Porter with Aunt Nicole
Here's Nicole with all her gifts, everyone was so kind and generous, she got lots of great stuff!
This was another picture I had to throw in. We were out in the sun for quite a while so my aunt suggested a hat for Porter. I hadn't even thought about anything like that, I'm defiantly still a first time mom. He looked so cute!
This is Nicole with the yummy dessert she picked out. It was Pink Lemonade Pie and it was delicious!
Porter resorted to eating the table after he ate all my pie.
After the party we went to my Grandma Petersen's house and spent the night. Porter spent his time trying to eat this toy dogs tail.
Porter and his Grandpa Petersen playing.
Porter and his Great Grandma Petersen, she was trying to help me get him to sleep.
Sunday we stopped by my other grandparents. This picture was so sweet, Porter with his Great Grandpa Larsen.

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Marc and Nicole said...

These are so cute!! Thanks again for the shower :) It was very fun!