Monday, October 31, 2011


The boys' Halloween pj's!!
They were so cute and Porter loved that they were glow in the dark!
SO cool! They looked so funny just these little bones running in the dark.
Here are our pumpkins we carved.
Porter loved carving pumpkins, way more then I ever expected.Porter loved his pumpkins so much that he was jumping on his chair slipped and fell and cut his tongue with his front teeth.Our Ward party was very fun and the boys really enjoyed getting dressed up. Porter was our Fireman, Thomas was the Dalmatian puppy.
James was a robber and I was the cop that caught him ;)
Towards the end of the night on Halloween Porter caught on and realized saying Trick or Treat got him candy, so he Loved it!! The following days were spent dumping and gathering him Halloween candy over and over again. So cute!

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