Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, I can't say that I'm a BYU fan but I guess I kind of have to like them now. My mom and I took Nicole to BYU yesterday. We had a fun filled crazy day!!! We first had to find her check in building and then find her dorm building. After that we explored her apt, and then begin hauling all of her stuff in. My arms are sore today from all the moving! Heres a few pictures of the room with all her stuff in it not unpacked....Tada!!! Its unpacked and looks great! If it only actually took 2 seconds to unpack like ithe pictures show that would have been wonderful. Her room is very cute!
Of course we had to go buy things that she needed and forgot, so we made trips to three stores and bought grocery's. She should be all set. Late last night we said our goodbyes. And I finally got home around 1am and got up bright and early for class today. But it was all worth it!!

I had a fun time meeting her roommates that were there and enjoyed sharing in the new experience with her. She's such a sweet and beautiful woman and I am so proud of her.
Good Luck Nicole and We Love You!!


Matt and Serenity Stewart said...

I can't believe Nicole is that old!!! That makes me feel really old. lol!

Jen Hancock said...

Holy Schmoly! I had no idea that Nicole was old enough to start college! How crazy! Anyhow, it's good to see some of my 3 favorite women in the world having such fun together....even if it is moving boxes and unpacking! Good to see you all doing so well!
love ya!
Jen (your cousin :o))