Sunday, September 21, 2008

Teton Garage

This all started when my Aunts and Uncles gave my Grandpa a pond for fathers day. First they put in the pond and then the patio and the rocks with the flower garden. They my grandparents bought patio furniture. It was very pretty but we all seemed to feel that something was missing. They tossed around the idea of a mural on the side of the garage and joked about some funny ideas. Then they decided to go for it. So here are pictures of the mural painting on the day that I went down to help. My Aunt Deanne was the master mind and we were all little painter s just following her directions. It all started September 2nd and went through the 5th. They started with blue sky and brown earth, and it gradually evolved into the Tetons.
Grandma liked to watch and give great ideas by being our eyes. It was crazy because close up the wall looked weird but when you backed up it looked really good. With out her help I think a lot of us would have gone crazy trying to see the big picture. Dave also stopped by and helped me with a few spots I was to afraid to attempt.

Heres Aunt Jan and aunt Deanne working on Cattails by the water fall.
My grandpa is quite the artist. I don't think I ever realized how artistic he was until this project. He did the bushes along the front.

This was the finished project when I went home for the day. Its missing animals as you can tell.
My cute Grandparents enjoying their swing and the fun atmosphere.

This is the final project with the animals. They are hard to see from so far back but there is a squirrel, a raccoon, a deer, birds, fish, a rabbit, mouse, a beaver, Grandmas ladybugs, and other little creatures. If you can make the picture bigger it would be fun to see what you can find. There are even little baby birds!!

It was such a fun project and I think everyone had a great time. You all have to check it out.


Jen Hancock said...


Thanks so much for posting all those pics. I had heard all about the patio and painting project, but didn't get to see pics! It's so good to see that you are doing so well! Love ya!
Jen (your cousin :o))

Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

Shay! Thanks for posting the pics I still can't believe we did it! I loved having you come help! Great memories of hard sweaty work! I love you, Deanne

Tippetts Family said...

That looks awesome! Wow, I have a very talented family! Great Job!

Dax & Steph said...

Hey I was excited when I saw that you had a blog! That mural is awesome...what a talented family! We still need to get together sometime.