Sunday, September 28, 2008


Most of you know James is a Huge Denver Bronco Fan. So this time of year is filled with football, and fantasy football, and football parties etc... We had a party a couple weeks ago and we saw the Walmart commercial where the mom come out with a Cheese-It half time show, and we all laughed and I apologized for not having made a halftime show for everyone. The next thing I know James comes out of the kitchen with a mini version. I though it was so funny so you all get to enjoy it whither you think its funny or not. :) By the way go Broncos they are 3-1!!!

This picture is kind of old but we enjoy getting decked out. Yes we're one of those people. Check out the socks!

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Jewelsp said...

I think you should wear these outfits to Conference Breakfast on Sunday!