Monday, December 28, 2009

2 Months Old (and much much more)

Porter had his 2 month appointment today. He was such a trooper through those shots, and really has been good all day. He weight's 12 lbs. 15 oz and is 24 3/4inches long. The Dr. laughed and called him "a little 6 month old". Its crazy to think about how much he has grown and to realize with such a difficult start at life Porter is doing amazingly well. These are some pictures of today to show you how much he has grown.

We had a Wonderful Christmas and Christmas Eve!! Porter and I made stained glass sugar cookies Christmas eve. They are sugar cookies with a hole cut out that you put candy cane pieces and they melt to make a stain glass window. They were fun!
We spent Christmas Eve with our friends Sam and Chelsie and their 2 girls, and James brother Jason and his girlfriend Casi. We ate a delicious dinner and put on our christmas pj's and watched the movie a child is born. We checked where Santa was all night long on the Santa tracker by NORAD.
Christmas Morning was fun with my little family! Porter wasn't to happy when i put his Santa hat on.
Here's the Christmas Tree with all the goodies Santa brought.
James and I made our stocking together our first Christmas so I made Porters Stocking for his first Christmas. I thought it turned out so cute.
After mom and dad opened his presents Porter was a bit tired and became our Christmas Present. Which is the best present EVER!
I have been meaning to post pictures of Diegos Puppies for quite sometime now. There were 6 and we lost 3 in the first few days. So there are only 3 left, but they all all very healthy girls. They are so cute, and are starting to play with each other and bite their ears. They are 3/4boxer and 1/4 chocolate lab. If you know anyone who would like a puppy let me know. They will be ready to go to their homes the middle to end of January.


Matt and Serenity Stewart said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas. Porter is getting so big! Love you guys!!!!

Jenny Erazo said...

Porter is getting so big! Sounds like you guys had a good Christmas! THose cookies you made sound cute. Maybe you can share the recipe:-)

Nicole P said...

Geez what have you been feeding that boy? He is a monster! :) good work on the cookies, they looked great. I get to see you tomorrow! WOOT!!

Genevea said...

i went and dad said i can have on