Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree?!?!?!

This is our Beautiful Christmas Tree this year!! But how it came to be and how we made it our own is a story worth telling.... James and I had wanted to cut down our own tree, and found out you can't do that in the Cache Valley so we needed to go to Idaho. Well we woke up on a Saturday and we had a snow storm , and then our pipes were frozen the next time James had the day off so we hung around the house until our landlords we able to thaw them out and have water. So we didn't go that day either. I was getting frustrated and realized we can't go cut down a tree in the snowy mountains with a 6 week old baby. What were we thinking?! So we decided to buy one at the grocery store. I met James there on his way home from work and we went to pick our tree. Well we had been so cold that the trees were all frozen with their branches together, so you had no idea if you were picking a good tree. Heres our tree. There is no neting on it its just frozen in that shape!
So we bring it home and our tree stand is broken. So poor James had to run back out to get a new stand which he had to go to 3 stores because everyone was out of stands. When he was putting the new one on, our "lovely" dog Diego walks over and hikes his leg and marks his territory!!! AHHH After all that we still can't decorate the tree until it thaws out.
Our tree finally thaws out the following day and James puts lights on it. Than we have a battle over tinsel or no tinsel. I vote NO! So James has the idea to compromise and get beads. Well that means we have to go buy some, so the tree is still not decorated. I go the next day and get blue beads and we don't like them so we go back and get red ones and finally come home and decorate our tree. whew!! I know long story but I had to post it, its the story of our lives and its just plain funny! Merry Christmas


Nicole P said...

I agree, no tinsel. Silly james. And I am glad that Diego marked his territory. Haha it makes the tree seem more yours. Oh and good work on the compromise :) you are an inspiration to us all! haha love you guys

Genevea said...

♥♥♥♥♥♥.i live u guys and porter