Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hey, we're still here! We have had a crazy busy month of July!! It has be filled with visits from our family and fun activities! For the 4th of July James parents, and his sister Tori, and our three nephews Alec, Barron, and Chaz, Came up from Colorado to spend the weekend with us. We had so much fun and kept ourselves very busy. We watched the USU fireworks on the 3rd, and them first thing in the morning on the 4th we went to the fair ground to the Crusin'. The Crusin' in an annual car show. They have cars from all over the US. It's a lot of fun looking at all the old cars and the fancy new cars.
That afternoon we went swimming and had a blast! Tori and the two younger boys went down the water slides. James and I got fried!! Oh man it was bad blisters and everything. Ouch! Later that night we lit our own fireworks and had some watermelon! Yum Yum
This is kind of a side note but he kids were easily entertained by playing Dance Dance revolution!! They loved it and actually got really good. It got to the point that they didn't need my help to pass the songs. This is usually what they wanted to do while waiting for us to get ready to go to the next activity.
As if we weren't tired enough from the past couple days we woke up early and headed down to Ogden to the Dinosaur Park. The boys had been looking forward to it the whole trip. We got there and I have never seen 3 boys more excited in my life. They were jumping and screaming and running all at the same time and all in different directions! My family was also in town so they met us at the Park.

At the park they had a climbing wall, and my Dad and James decided to race. So they each won one and had to have a tie breaker. James won and gained bragging rights! The Dinosaur Park was amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone with little boys. They will freak our guaranteed!
Sunday we went up to the temple. We were disappointed because the gates were closed, because of cleaning. We still took pictures anyways. Tori looks so grown up and beautiful , she turned 12 this year and has becoming such a fun person and a beautiful woman.
Here are James parents . They were so good to drive the 12 hours out here to visit us, and to bring three wild boys and Tori with them. We both really appreciate them for all they do and for their support. Thanks for coming out we loved it!!
The boys looked so handsome. They clean up really well! :) They were so excited to see the temple and really enjoyed the fact that it was on a huge hill! After pictures we went home and changed. We got ready to go have a fire up the canyon and eat some tinfoil dinners. Before we could go the boys and Tori really wanted to roll down a hill, so we went to Old Main hill. This is a funny video of them running down, although they preferred to roll.

After the hill, we trucked up the canyon and built a fire. It was a great way to end the vacation. We got to relax and let the kids run wild. I thought these pictures were priceless. Heres Chaz showing me his flower he got for Grandma.
And then theres Barron eating his corn. Notice the lips on the top and bottom of the corn. He really thought that was good!

They left Monday morning and James and I went back to work. :( It was a great weekend and we loved having them in our apt! Monday evening we went to visit my family in Ogden, but that next part of our vacation will have to wait till tomorrow. We are going to Batman tonight and so we better get going.

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Adrianne Tippetts said...

Wow! You guys really know how to treat your guests! Maybe next time we will come stay with you guys when we come up that way! :) I hope you are doing great, I love ya!