Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cottonwood Farm

We went to Cottonwood Farms this year. It was really fun! The best part is that its all free, but the hay ride with was 6 dollars for all of us. It was such a cute place. Here is me and the boys in front of a steam engine that they would drive around the place. It was crazy how the steering system worked.
The pumpkin patch, we were late in the year so they didn't have much left.
Daddy and Porter on the Hay ride.
Mommy and Thomas on the Hay ride.
They also had a hay maze for the kids with look out towers on the outside for the parents.
Porter thought that was really cool.
Silly Clown!
They also had a free corn maze, and Porter lead the way.
He marched us straight back to the end of the corn maze not turning once.
We laughed and then made a few turns and were lost for a little bit. :)
They had wagons for you to ride in and haul your pumpkins.
Porter loved the ride.
Porter's Pumpkin! He picked it out of the dollar bin.
He loves it and carries it around with him.
We had a very fun day at the Farm and will make sure to come back next year!!