Saturday, November 12, 2011

Porter's 2nd Birthday!!

We had about 8 inches of snow the morning of Porter's Birthday.
So we bundled up and headed outside to play.
Here's our Halloween snow pumpkins.
Larissa had the day off from work and played with us.
It was fun to have her help.
Mommy and Porter by our pumpkins.
I told myself that I wasn't going to do another fancy cake for his birthday since I did the one when the whole family was here for Thomas' blessing.
But then I saw this one and it was too cute, and easy.
So here is Porters second 2nd birthday cake.
Make a wish!
Thomas gift to Porter, some fun dinosaurs. Porter had a hard time understanding that Thomas was giving him the gift and not that the gift was Thomas'.
It was cute when he figure out that the dinosaurs were his.
Yummy Birthday Cake!! He actually ate it this year.
And has asked for it quite a bit since.
Porter loved his gift and plays with it all the time.
He loves the train and the dump truck.
MaGa and PaGa with Thomas making him laugh.
Happy boy!!
It was a very fun day and a great birthday for Porter.