Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful day 6

Day 6 Today I am thankful for relaxing Sundays. We all have been sick and so we spent the day relaxing as a family. Even as a bunch of sickies we still bonded while playing dinosaurs and cars.

Day 5 Today I'm thankful for living so close to Denver. I'm not always thankful for that but this past week we were able to go to the Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science. These were such fun experiences for Porter and James and I. It was fun to watch Porter's mind learn all about our world.

Day 4 Today I am thankful for health. Its funny how you seem to only remember to be thankful for your health when you are sick. We are all passing around a nasty cold and I got it today. Yuck! I love having my healthy body Heavenly Father gave to me. I truly have been blessed with health so far in my life.