Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well this post is old, but we went to the Utah State vs. BYU game a couple weeks ago. We had such a fun time. I was going to make this a nasty anti-BYU post but I have lost all of my adrenalin that I had more around game time. SO sorry everyone who waited for the crushing post. Anyway the game was awesome. As you know BYU was ranked 8th and Utah State is terrible. But man they came to play Saturday. The final score was 14-34. and for an 8th ranked team lets just say they played awful. Lets just say it's fun to be the underdogs, you can talk as much crap as you want and if you loose thats alright you were suppose to, but if you win YEA! You had a huge upset. Anyway it was really fun and we enjoyed the banter between the BYU fans.

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