Friday, October 17, 2008

My Sister

Well this weekend Jame and I went down to Provo, and then down to Delta. We visited Nicole in Provo, and went out to lunch, and looked at Homecoming pictures. She had the homecoming dance Friday night and had a great time. She looked so pretty. After lunch we had ice cream at the creamery and met Jon, Nicole's boyfriend. He was a fun guy to get to know and we had a good time talking. After that we left so they could get to the Homecoming football game. Here a picture of her and Jon. To cute!After the trip to Provo we headed to Delta. One of James' old roommates and Big-O co workers, got married and was having their reception. This is kind of off subject but Delta is in the middle of no where!!! Anyway, it was good to see him and his new wife. We wish them both the best of luck in their new lives together.

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Jewelsp said...

Nicole looks sooo cute! I'm glad she had a fun time at the dance and her boyfriend looks nice. How old is he? Do we need to start worrying yet? ;)