Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Walk

North Logan has an annual pumpkin walk. Different groups get together and set up scenes and use pumpkins and vegetables. It is a ton of fun. I know I have a lot of pictures but believe me I cut a lot out. This one was my favorite. It was Noah's Ark, and each animal was made out of Vegetables. Cute!!

Heres Kung Fu Panda. I thought they did a great job. And Below are the Incredibles.

I'm sure you all can get the Andy Griffith Show. I loved Aunt Bea.

At the end of the walk they have wooden portraits for you to take pictures with.

James as Yoda and Myself as Ariel. Aren't we so gorgeous!!
We went with Tyson and Melissa and Kade their little boy. He wanted to fly the plane so bad!
Heres my favorite Disney Princess! James did a great job getting into Character. Who knows what I was doing smiling at the camera, I'm suppose to be asleep! Oh well, I'm a blonde. :)
For all you political buffs. Heres McCain in his rocker.
And Obama in his Crib. They did a great job with these too.

These were amazing, they are kind of hard to see but see if you can figure out who they all are.

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