Sunday, June 29, 2008

Carpets, Country Fun!

This weekend has been fun. HAHA, I got the brilliant idea to clean our carpets! I've never actually cleaned carpets before, so I didn't know how long it would take. Really it went well, and the carpets look great. After having a puppy we really needed to get them done. The only problem was that it took forever for our carpets to dry so we were only able to put our bedroom back together. After church today we were so tired we fell asleep on the living room floor, before we put the room together. It's now together and it looks great. Yea for clean floors!

Earlier this week, James was telling me about this young kid at work. I had called James cell phone and this kid heard it and told James his phone was ringing. James asked if it was George Strait. (His Check Yes or No is my ringer). The kid answered, "No its Shale". James started laughing and turned to another coworker who said "I bet that kid has no idea who George Strait is." I told him if it was George Strait calling you probably better answer. I just thought that was a funny story.

Last weekend we went to a Rodeo with Sam and Chelsie and Allie, and Brandon and Stephanie. I was so excited to go, we didn't make it to 1 last summer so I was dying to go. It was really fun! Not a single bull rider made the full 8 sec. but it was still entertaining. One of the Bronc rider jumped off his horse and broke his leg. He had a compound fracture and they had to haul him off in an ambulance! I would never want to get injured here in Logan in took them at least 20minutes to get him out of the arena, and they already had an ambulance there. They just strolled along. After the Rodeo we all went to Dairy Queen and had ice cream. We also played Hand and foot the card game, and as always Settlers. These are a few pictures of the Rodeo. One is the Steer wrestling, and the other is the Rodeo Clown, which by the way was very funny!

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The Jacksons said...

I am so jealous. I love rodeos!! What a fun time :)