Sunday, February 10, 2008

We watched our friend Sam and Chelsie's puppy last weekend. She is a Yorkie and is only 4 mos old. Here are some funny pics, of Sadie and Diego. They have actually become best of friends! We weighted both of them while she was here. Sadie weighed 4.5 lbs and Diego weighted 68.5 lbs. Just a little bit of a difference. AHHHH! While writing this post James came into the room and Diego had his cell phone, and had chewed the back off. Its still works but it looks pretty bad. I think he's begging for a little attention. He's never chewed on anything important before. Thats our crazy dog!


Jeff-Bethany-Haden-Grant-Cole-Delaney said...

Those are cute pictures! A huge size difference, but both are so cute! And hopefully you can give your puppy some attention :) Love ya!

Sam and Chelsie said...

Our Puppies are so cute together!!!! Those are good pictures!!