Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a great Valentines. James gave me a cute stuffed animal and beautiful flowers. I got him the new Craig Morgan cd and lots of candy. We had a nice steak dinner courtesy of myself and then I worked on homework. Fun huh, well actually we had decided to celebrate Valentines that weekend since we both don't work. So Friday night we went to a hot pot in Idaho. It was a lot of fun but it was really crowed. We ended up sitting next to 4 teenagers who brought their own suitcase, yes suitcase of beer. They got a little rowdy but what can you expect I guess. It was still really relaxing and a nice break. Saturday James had an elders B-Ball game, they lost but he still had fun. After that we decided to give Diego a bath. He actually loved it which is a good thing, but now he wants to shower with me all the time. Not so great! It was quite an adventure, and at least he smells good. Thats night we went to a new restaurant called Iggie's its like Applebees. It was really good, and our waitress gave us our drinks for free. That night we played games with our landlords who have become our friends Tyson and Melissa. We played until 4am! I was very tired but it was a really fun weekend and extended Valentines.


Sam and Chelsie said...


I love that you keep this updated! We haven't seen you guys forever. We need to plan on doing something.

Jeff-Bethany-Haden-Grant-Cole-Delaney said...

YAY for a good valentines! Ours wasn't too exciting, we ordered out food once the kids were in bed.