Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome Porter James Holman

We are so excited to welcome Porter James Holman into our family! He arrived in a way we wern't expecting but we are so glad he is here healthy and happy. He is such a happy boy, he gives us smiles all the time. I know they say they are gas smiles but if that's the case he has gas all the time. He has both his dad and I wrapped around his finger. We couldn't be any happier and are so grateful for the blessing Porter is in our lives. Porter had his 2 week apt today and he is doing great. He is now 9lbs 6 oz and 22 inches long. I also had a Dr. apt and my C-section incision is healing well. I'm feeling much better day after day and feel almost back to my normal self. Enjoy some cute pictures of Porter and below is Porters birth story in case you haven't heard.
I was able to hold him for a few minutes before they took him to the NICU after the C-Section. I was so happy!!
Our little Froggy for Halloween, with a little froggy smile.
Monday night football, Broncos vs. Stealers. Even though the Broncos lost my men looked great all suited up for the game.
After Porters 2 Week apt. He's changed so much already I can't believe it!!

Porters Birth Story
We were scheduled to go to the hospital Monday the 26th for an induction. We had to call the hospital at 5 am to find out what time to head into the hospital. So after a short sleepless night James called the hospital and they told us to come in at 7:30am. We took some deep breaths and a few last pictures before we headed to the Hospital. I was dilated to a 3 I think and was 60% effaced. They put me on the pit right away, and come to find out I had been feeling some contractions for a few weeks I just thought they were Porter moving around. My nurse is in our ward and is one of our scouts moms, that was kind of fun to have her even though we didn't know her that well. Nicole came up from Provo and arrived a few minutes after they broke my water, around 1pm. Because of the H1N1 flu throughout our entire hospital stay I was only allowed James and Nicole in my room. (Nicole wasn't allowed in the NICU, and went back to Provo without holding her nephew. We were so grateful for Nicole for coming out she saved us from a lot of stress and worry.) With my water broken my contractions slowly got worse, and after calling for the epidural I had a phone call from my parents and Ryan saying they were back in the states. They really wanted to talk and I just wanted to cry waiting for the epidural. Lets just say the phone call was bad timing, but it was good to hear from them. :) The epidural was easier then I thought it would be and man that stuff works!! I thought after words, why was I trying to be so tough, I should have had the epidural a long time ago. After the epidural I took a nap and James and Nicole played sudoku, and other games. I did finally dilate to a 6, but stayed at a 6 for 4 hours. They had me rotate to another side to lay on and after that Porter went into distress, so they hurried and had me go back to the other side. The Dr. came in at about 10pm and expressed his concerns about my lack of progress. He checked me with a contraction to see if Porter moved down at all with a contraction. He didn't move at all and the Dr. said his head was swelling a bit and it concerned him that there just wasn't enough room for him to continue to move into the birthing canal. We decided to go ahead with the C-Section. As soon as we gave our ok, the room was swarmed with nurses preparing me and James for this next step. We were both extremely nervous but knew this was the best option. We called our parents and let them all know what was happening. Nicole went down to the NICU to await Porters arrival through the glass windows. The C-Section was crazy!! James watched the entire thing. I have never felt so exposed in my life laying on that table. It was funny to listen to the surgeons talk about their lives. They talked about potato launchers and their kids. They had to use a vacuum on Porters head to help get him out, and he didn't cry right away. He was born at 11:08 and he weighted 9lbs 1 oz and was 21 inches long. It took him a minute to cry and I could tell he wasn't crying very good. I knew that with C-Sections they often end up with fluid left in their lungs so I did expect a little bit of trouble. I was thrilled when they let me hold him on my chest for a few minuted before they had to take him. The surgeons laughed about how long the umbilical cord was, they called it a jump rope. I thought that was funny. James went with Porter and I was left while they cleaned me up. In the recovery room, the nurse went and got James and he brought the camera with pictures of my angel. He was worried because I was shaking so badly, but was reassured that I would be fine in about an hour. James then left and went to be with Porter and Nicole was allowed back with me. After about an hour in recovery they moved me to a regular room. My nurse told me if I could stand on my own at 4am they would let me go see Porter in the NICU, so I worked my toes like crazy to be able to stand. She came in at 4 and when I asked to go see him she told me I couldn't because it was shift change, oh man was I mad. James came up shortly after because of shift change he had spent the night in the NICU with Porter. I was finally able to go down at about 6:30am. He was hooked up to so many tubes and wires, but I was so happy to see him I didn't care. That started our next journey navigating the NICU and all the different nurses. Porter stayed in the NICU until Friday afternoon. He was on oxygen and an antibiotic for a infection found in the placenta. But he is now doing wonderfully and we love him so much!! It was a long week filled with joy and tears, and we couldn't be happier!!


Derek and Jen said...

He is sooo CUTE!! Definitely not one of those ugly babies you sometimes see! :) Was that bad of me to call any baby ugly?? Congrats!!!

Royce said...

He is absolutely adorable, I put his picture in the hat as my screen saver so that I can see his sweet face everytime I walk by the computer! Thats quite a birth story Shay, but it sure has a wonderful ending

Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

the above comment is mine! :) but Roycee feels the same way! Love you guys

BEStrickLoving said...

Congrats!!! What an adventure!

Matt and Serenity Stewart said...

So cute! I love this little guy already and I haven't seen him yet! Congrats you guys he is gorgeous!!!

Shawn and Brittany said...

So cute- love the crazy hat! Call if you need help.