Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dr. Apt Update

Well, we had another Dr. Apt today. Everything looks great other than the Dr. always asking me what I had for breakfast because I always have sugar in my urine sample. To much information I know but its embarrassing to have him ask. I have tried different cereals and the best one is Total so far. What can I say I love cereal and especially sugary cereal. :) Anyway I have progressed by half a centimeter, crazy slow if you ask me but what can you do. So I am now dilated to a 2. He tried to strip my membranes but wasn't able to because the baby is still sitting to high. When he told me that I just laughed and said, " I could have told you he's still sitting high" He just hangs out in my ribs most of the time. We have another apt in a week, and I'm going to get out and start walking in the mornings to see if I can get this stubborn baby boy down. I really can't complain to much, I'm feeling really good and in a way use to the awkwardness of pregnancy. Its just the norm now. I'll keep you all posted if anything drastic happens.

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Jenny Erazo said...

UGH! Waiting the last few weeks was the hardest part for me. I was overdue with all three so by the time Bizzy came, I didn't expect much. THe corn maze we went to was at the American West Heritage Center.