Friday, March 20, 2009

Church Ball

I found this shirt and thought it was perfect for this post. If you can't read it it says,
"Church Basketball The Brawl that Begins with Prayer"
James has played in our wards church ball team, and they have only lost 2 games. Last night they played in the Stake Championship game. It was a good game, they had some close moments but in the end they pulled ahead by 10 and won the game!!! James scored 9 pts and had tons of rebounds. I was proud to claim him. (I only claim him when he has a good game) :) He had a few bumps and bruises but all in all everyone survived. I had fun every week sitting on the stage with the other family members talking and cheering on the team. They aren't doing regionals this year so that was the last game. After everyone went to Casper's for celebratory ice cream. We had a fun time and made some great friends. GO 32nd Ward!!!

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Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

I love church basketball, it is the only true basketball!