Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

We had the Ward Christmas party a while ago but oh well, it was fun and I need to post cute pictures. Tyson and Melissa had to work so James and I brought Cade with us. They had a yummy dinner, and after we all ate they had a country band or brothers. They sang some fun songs, and even got our Bishop up there playing instruments with them! It was so funny.

James sported his Bronco Santa hat and Sam couldn't be out done so he is showing off his BYU shirt. This is Chelsie and Allie so cute!
After the fun music, Sister Nelson read the kids a Christmas story about Christ around the Christmas tree.
Next SANTA Came!! The kids were so excited. We all got in line to sit on his lap. This is me with Cade and Allie, waiting for SANTA!
Allie was nervous but decided to be brave and sit on Santa's lap. She was still a little unsure about the whole thing, but she did it. She told Santa she wants presents for Christmas. It was cute.
Cade was so excited to see Santa he kept trying to crawl up me to get to him, while waiting in line. Well, when his turn came he screamed bloody murder and started bawling! Santa understood and gave him a bag of candy anyway.
We had such a fun time, and enjoyed being with our ward family.

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