Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, it's obviously been a long time since I posted. Sorry everyone I really don't have an excuse but I finish my semester at school and I had my inlaws in town for thanksgiving so I haven't had a lot of time. Anyway whine whine whine I know, I'll just get to the fun. We had a great time with James family! His Mom and Dad and sister Tori came, along with his Brother Aaron and his wife Cara with their three boys, Alec, Baron, and Chaz. Jason his youngest brother has been living with us for a few weeks so he was here also. So count them up thats 11 people including us celebrating Thanksgiving in our apt. It was really fun!
They all got into town Tuesday night. Wednesday we all just hung out and talked. Wednesday night we decided to have a mini birthday party for Baron and Chaz, since James and I and Jason weren't there and wern't going to be there. Baron Loves Cowboy stuff. We all call him Cowboy, so Jason James and I decided to get him pop guns. Chaz loved his presents. We also decided to give Aaron and Cara their baby gift. I made this blanket for their baby girl, that will soon be here.
Baron was shotting me, I don't know how because it looks like he has both eyes closed. :)
Alec and Baron had a blast playing with Barons pop guns.

James was excited to use his Transformer tablecloth for the party. Earlier in the day the boys and Tori helped me make their Birthday cakes.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course. James had reserved a church in our stake for us to go to and have room to play. Well we met a Bishop there so he could let us in, we were surprised to see 8 tables all set up in the Gym for Thanksgiving. The Bishop called around to see who it could be, and couldn't figure it out. So we just went on and moved the tables out in the hallway so we could play. The other group finally showed up at 1pm. They were mad when they saw the tables gone. They calmed down after we told them they were just in the hallway. Then we told them we would have our dinner in the Relief Society room and they could have the GYM for their meal. We also told them that we had the Church reserved online and thats how you have to do it now. They were ok about it and later the Grandma came up to me and hugged me and thanked our family for being so flexible. It was just a bad situation no one wanted to make the other family have a bad thanksgiving. James did most of the talking and handled the situation so well. I was so greatful to have him because I know I wouldn't have handled it as well. Long story short it all worked out! We moved into the Relief Society room and had our Thanksgiving.

This is the main part of our Thanksgiving feast, Yumm. The food was great, thanks everyone for doing your part it made it all so much fun. We set up 2 tables and Aaron ended up at the kid table, (lucky) They all had olives on their fingers and Aaron had a roll. It looks like a donut.
Heres the adult table. This was their second picture and James decided to be a tough guy in this one, thats why he's pulling that face.
After we ate we started making Christmas Advent Calendars. The Petersen side of my family always does this after thanksgiving. You take saran wrap and tie pieces of candy for each day leading up to Christmas and then you cut off a candy each day and hang them up in your house. The kids loved it and so did the adults. I forgot to buy wrapping ribbon and so we used yarn, and it doesn't look as cute or work as well. But it was still fun. Heres Chaz and Baron tying Barons.
Heres Linda and Aaron and the boys tying another one. Tori was so shy about her picture being taken but she did let me, and she looks so pretty.
After they were all tied they put them around their necks and posed for me.

This is some of the aftermath of the Thanksgiving feast.
After we went back into the Gym and played Basketball, and the kids ran. We also got the ads for Black Friday. We stayed until 7pm, and had a great time!
Friday was crazy! We all stayed up way to late Thursday playing games and got up at 4:30am to go shopping. Jim and James and Linda, Cara and I all were the crazy ones. Aaron did get out there later on so like 7am. We shopped and shopped. We finally got home at 2:30 pm ya thats 10 hours of shopping. We were all so tired that we fell asleep as soon as we got home. Later we rented Get Smart. That movie is hilarious for anyone who hasn't seen it. This is a picture of Jason and the boys. He was helping them pass a level on their PSP. This video is of Alec, he has this new funny thing he calls crazy legs! You'll just have to watch to find out what it is :)


Saturday we decided to take everyone Ice Skating. Jim and Linda decided to stay home and enjoy the quite. Cara was only able to watch because of being pregnant. They were all so excited to go. This is Chaz waiting to get his skates tightened. James had fun taking the nephews around. Chaz loved it but he only wanted to hold on to your hands and then he would just lounge back. It was so funny. Down farther I have a picture of him with his dad lounging.
Alec was amazing on the ice! He took off and had a great time. He told us later "I don't know why we went skating we were only there a few minutes. " James said "no we were there over 2 hours" Alec was amazed. I guess time flies when your having fun.
Baron had fun, but I think he expected to get out there and skate like a pro. He was frustrated with how hard it was, but he did a great job!
Here is Aaron with Chaz. Chaz had fun, but he was a workout for whoever took him around.
Here 's Tori Ice Skating, she did so well I was really impressed with how she just took off! After we were all so exhausted we came home and had pizza and watched movies.

Sunday we all said a sad goodbye, and they all headed home to Colorado. We had a great time and loved having all the family over!
Sorry this post was huge!

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Danalin said...

What a woman, Shayle! You pulled off quite the event. I am so proud of you! So far I've only hosted one Thanksgiving dinner and it was just my parents, Mak, the missionaries and two people from our ward. Not a very big deal. Way to go!

*p.s.- It was so good to see your family! I wish that we could have seen you as well...maybe one of these times.*